How to Use Anvils in Minecraft PE

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When you are playing Minecraft, you may always use the Anvil for some purposes. Certainly, using the anvils in Minecraft is such a great way to create any objects. The anvil is a useful thing in Minecraft that can be used to repair any items, rename the items and combine the enchantment.

Unfortunately, not all Minecraft players really know how to use the anvils especially in Minecraft PE. Then, they are trying to find the reference that hopefully can lead them to use the anvils easily.

Certainly, the main reference that they try to find is to look for any articles on the internet. In this case, they hope that at least there is an article that can give them the ways clearly and easily.

Well, for that reason, we are here to help you in giving the great ways in using the anvils in Minecraft.

As we have known that anvils is a block which allows the players in repairing, renaming and combining the enchantments.

In this case, the anvils can be dug using any pickaxe. It means that if you mine the anvils without a pickaxe, definitely you drop anything.

How to Use Anvils in Minecraft PE

To use this handy block in Minecraft is definitely easy. The anvils is a gorgeous tool in Minecraft to have. Certainly, to use the anvils, you can do it to repair, to rename and combine the enchanted items.

How to Use Anvil: To repair the items

To repair the items, you will need to use the damaged item with the same item or material. It means that if you are repairing an iron pickaxe, you have to use the iron as the material.

The benefits that you will get in using the anvils is if you give an item to repair the damaged items, of course, all enchantments will transfer from the sacrifice item.

How to Use Anvil: To rename the items

To rename the items using anvil will cost one level. In this case, the chests and equipment can be renamed and displayed the name in their GUI when placed. Then, the maximum length to rename the items is about 35 characters.

  • Weapons: To rename the weapons will kill another player caused the name appears in the death message.
  • Mobs: To rename the name tags definitely will allow you to use them on Minecraft mobs.
  • Spawn egg: To rename the spawn egg will produce a mob with its name.

Minecraft Anvil Recipe

In this article, we also share the ways on how to craft the Minecraft anvil. Certainly, you will need this recipe to create the anvil. By mastering the ways to create it, absolutely, you can use the anvil easily. Here is the recipe:

  • Iron ingot x 4
  • Block of iron x 3

To craft the anvil, you can put the three blocks of the iron in the top row. The one iron ingot in the middle square and the three blocks of iron ingot in the bottom row.

Now, you already know the ways in how to use the anvils and how to craft it easily. So, it is your turn to make and use it. Good Luck, Dude!!!

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