How to Use a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

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After crafting a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft, so it is your time to use it. Then, do you really understand how to use a respawn anchor in Minecraft? Perhaps, you totally do not know to use a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft even if you have crafted it.

Of course, when you decide to craft something in Minecraft, we guess that you really understand what the function of the objects as you crafted in Minecraft is. Evidently, there are some players who do not understand how to use the object as they crafted in Minecraft. Why does it happen?

However, the kind of players may just want to try crafting any objects, without understanding the function of the object is.

Then, after we show you an article entitled How to Craft Respawn Anchor, of course, it is totally not enough if we do not inform you of how to use a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft. Then, we are back here to give you the ways of how to use a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft.

As you already know that the main purpose of Respawn Anchor in Minecraft is to allow you to respawn in the Nether area that was previously impossible to do. Now, respawning in the Nether arse is so possible when using this Respawn Anchor.

Of course, to respawn in the Nether area, it does not happen by accident or intentional situation. You totally will need some ways to use a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft.

Well, here are the ways of how to use the Respawn Anchor block to respawn in the Nether:

  • If you are using four glowstone, of course, one can charge the respawn anchor block.
  • This is so important to charge the respawn anchor so that you can use it.
  • When you have the respawn anchor block, then it is right-clicked upon with the glowstone. Absolutely, the block texture will change. Due to the glowstone, it will start to emit the light at level three.
  • It means that if you die in the Nether, you will spawn next to the anchor block in which the spawning point was earlier set.
  • When the Respawn anchor is fully charged, of course, it indicates a green dial on the side of the surface. Then, an indication means a signal in which the Respawn Anchor can be used to set the spawning point.
  • To set a spawn point every time, one charge will be used from the anchor block. Then, you need to charge it after every spawn.

Furthermore, there are still many unique uses for this block, not only to regular spawn. In fact, the creators of the adventure mode map definitely use these blocks as a sort of checkpoint system. Then, the players can even make a central hub in the Nether that can connect all of their assets. It places their respawn point there.

Well, those are the ways that you can use the Respawn Anchor when you really need to respawn in Minecraft.

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