How to Use a Command Block in Minecraft

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A command block refers to the item in Minecraft with the function to execute certain commands. These kinds of blocks are usually available across multiplayer servers and custom servers as they are only available in Minecraft worlds that have cheats enabled. It means players are not allowed to use them in Survival Mode.

With a command block, you will have the ability to operate it to alter the existing world, change the game settings, and even grant the experience points. Do not forget that the command blocks are considered as the redstone mechanics and have to be activated before you use them.

If you want to obtain a command block, the first thing that you need to do is to create a world that enables cheats. When you start the world in Creative mode, cheats are enabled by default. You can check whether cheats are enabled by finding your world on the Select World page, which is the third row of text that should contain the word Cheats. Then, clear out the space in the inventory. Please make at least one of the nine bottom inventory slots clear.

In the next step, you should open the chat menu by pressing the T key by default. When it opens, type or give command_block. The slash at the beginning is entered automatically if you opened the Chat menu with the Open Command key instead of using the T key. After that, press Enter. Doing so will make the command appear in the inventory. In case the bottom row of the inventory was already full, please open the complete inventory by pressing E by default in order to find the command block.

How to program and activate the command block? The command block can be placed like any other normal ones. Right clicking on the block or using a non-default Use Item button will open the Set Console Command for Block interface. In the Console Command box, you are able to enter a command. Keep in mind that this interface is able to be only accessed in the Creative mode. It means if you must have operator status as well if you are playing on a server.

There are tons of commands in Minecraft that you can enter in the chat interface. Each of them can do some different things, ranging from teleporting the player to manipulating the blocks. By entering one of them into a command block instead of the chat interface, you are able to execute the command automatically and remotely by powering the block. The most recommended way to use a command block is to place a button, lever, or pressure plate on or near the block. This step allows you to activate the command block every time you want. Some people love to take many command blocks and connect them to the redstone circuits. If you have some questions related to how to use a command block in Minecraft, please spend some time visiting the community.

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