How to Use a AFK Fish Farm in Minecraft

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The thing called the automatic fish farming involves right clicking a door with a tripwire above it and hoppers for collection. It is such a great idea to use an automatic rod dropper to supply the new fishing rods when the previous one breaks. The most ideal rods include Lure 3, Lure of the Sea 3, Unbreaking 3 and Mending. You can use Mouse Key in Windows if you want to make the experience truly AFK. You may be interested to jam a coin in between L1 and L2.

Please take a note that no one of these work in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, due to how tripwires and doors work. Aside from that, Mojang also does not want to allow AFK fishing in Bedrock Edition. As such, most AFK fishing designs count in exploiting bugs that get fixed in the next update. In addition, AFK fish farm also does not work anymore since the snapshot 20w12a.

1. AFK fish farm by Xisumavoid

The AFK fish farm by Xisumavoid is really simple and really efficient. This one is really cheap in resources but it gives you all sorts, from fish to enchanted books to bows. All that you need is a fence, a pressure pad, one building block of your choice, an iron trapdoor, a water, a hopper, a noteblock, and a chest that is exactly 14 iron, 1 redstone and 32 wood. You will have to make at least two fishing rods before starting. It will be for a short time as it gives you enchanted fishing rods over time.

Press F3+P to disable pause on unfocus. Then, hold down right click in the AFK fishing position. The next thing that you have to do is to press F3+T. By doing so, you will see the Mojang screen). After that, the game will autoclick. The last thing that you have to do is to ALT+TAB out of the game and do other stuff on your computer. On laptops, you may have to enable/hold “Fn” to use the F3 key.

2. Docm77’s Realistic Fish Farm 1.13.0 only

Docm77’s Realistic Fish Farm is really useful, because it does not use fishing and is able to generate for you without having to hold down a button. This one works using Soul Sand making Bubble Columns heading up to a cobweb layer, which looks like a fishing net and catches the fish, then they slowly suffocate and drop down onto the water conveyor to a few hoppers.

3. AFK fish farm by PuffingFish HQ

For some players of Minecraft out there, fishing is one of the most relaxing parts of the game. However, because it needs time and patience, most players avoid it altogether. Thankfully, there is an automatic AFK solution built by PuffingFish HQ. The design of this one is compact and takes a very little space, but it needs constant right clicking to work. You are able to use the third-party software that does the automatic clicking and assign an applicable key using the in game settings of Minecraft.

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