How to Update Aternos Server

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Now, you may have the expired version of Aternos server. Then, you are looking for the ways on how to update Aternos server to newest one. But, you do not get the exact ways to do it. Of course, you may get stressful to fix it because without online server, you cannot launch the Minecraft on your devices.

The old server definitely cannot work to open the Minecraft or connect to Minecraft. Indeed, the old version of Aternos server does not match with the Minecraft version. Of course, you cannot connect the Minecraft to the old version of Aternos server.

Well, when you get this issue, the main thing that you have to do is to make your head cool first. When you head is cool, of course, you will get the solution easier than you are having stress. Then, suggest in your mind that you will find the easiest way to solve the trouble.

By doing it, of course, you will not look for the ways in all directions. We guess that you will focus to search the sources that totally show to solve your problem.

Then, you are  probably going to search it on internet, then, you find out article here.

Certainly, you will not get disappointed when you read our article to the bottom because you will find the solutions at all.

How to update the Aternos Server to newest?

However, updating the latest Aternos server is a must for you. Without updating it, you totally cannot launch the Minecraft anymore. The newest server definitely can allow you to connect to your Minecraft smoothly.

Well, here are the simple ways to update the Aternos Server:

Step 1: Make sure that you get the message that says your server is out of date.

Step 2: After you got the message, you have to check what version of server that you have used. Then, get starting to look for the newest one.

Step 3: Go to the official Aternos page at to get the software.

Step 4: Choose the software that you want to install (You can choose Vanilla/spigot/bukkit/etc.) In this step, we use the Vanilla for example.

Step 5: Go to the Software button that you can find on the left of sidebar.

Step 6: Choose Vanilla. Then, select the newest version of 1.13.

Step 7: In this step, you have to install it. Wait for a while until the download is complete.

Step 8: After that, you need to force the upgrade by select the Worlds button. Then, sliding the option to Checklist on Force Upgrade button.

Step 9: Go to start your server. Choose the Server button. Then, click Start green button. Choose the option that says “Yes, I accept the EULA”.

Step 10: You can check the server whether running or not by choose the Console button.

Step 11: Finally, you can use the newest server after you get the server status is ON.

Now, you have to try updating the Aternos server to newest in order to launch the Minecraft as great as before.

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