How to Turn a Villager Into a Weaponsmith

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Do you know that in Minecraft there are villagers? Have you seen them? Well, they are passive mobs that inhabit villages, work at their professions, breed, and interact. They wear outfits which are according to their occupation and biome. But, can we turn a villager into a Weaponsmith? If we can change it, how to do that?

If you want to change the job of a villager, you have to destroy the job site block that they are using as their profession. Let’s take an example. If you want to change a Farmer villager’s job, then you have to destroy the Composter clock that they are using.

However, it is important for you to know that Nitwits are not able to change their professions in Minecraft. If you come across these, you have to save yourself some time and move on. You need to note that if you break the job block of a villager which he is using,  he will get pretty angry with you.

If you guarantee that another job block is vacant and placed in a roughly 48-block vicinity of the villager, they will search for a new job, come across the block and change villager jobs in Minecraft. If you want to change your former farmer into an Armorer, you have to place down a Blast Furnace beside them and give them a bit of time. At the end, they should turn into an Armorer without any of input required from yourself.

The villagers in Minecraft can have a profession and they are indicated by their clothing as well as by the title at the top of the trading interface. They are able to choose their profession and they can do it by claiming a job site block. If they go to work, they will use their daily schedule to get to their claimed job site block. Some professions, like farmers and librarians, also do other things. Farmers are able to plant crops, and librarians are able to inspect bookshelves.

A job site block is able to be claimed only if it is unclaimed and within a village boundary with at least 1 bed. If you remove a claimed job site block, it will make the owner switch to another profession or become unemployed, provided that the villager has no prior trades with the player. In case the villager has prior trades, it will keep its profession and claims a new job site block that matches its profession if one is available. So, If you have traded with a villager, the villager will keep its profession forever.

There are some other important things that you need to know about villagers in Minecraft. Here they are.

  • Nitwits and baby villagers are not able to change their profession.
  • Novice-level villagers are able to lose their profession and change into unemployed villagers.
  • Villagers who are unemployed adults actively search for an unclaimed job site block and change into the corresponding profession.
  • You are able to trade with the villager by using emeralds as currency.

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