How to Study Things That Move in Thaumcraft

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A Reddit user asked something about how to study things that move in Thaumcraft. Basically, he was trying to find a guide as to what he needs to scan to learn things that move or whatever and he could not seem to find it anywhere. Another Reddit user called Vythrin replied that the thing has something to do with the thread on the Feed the Beast forum started by KaosK.

For those who want to access all the aspects with a minimum of manual aspect combining, then read on. Keep in mind that the mini guide does not cover anything added by the other mods. Depending on your mudpack, there might be better methods to get to an aspect. It does not matter which item of block you select for discovering an aspect. For each newly discovered aspect you will earn a flat bonus of two research points.

The first thing that you have to do is to start by combining Aqua and Terra in the Research Table to get Victus. There is no easy method to scan for Victus and it is a prerequisite for a ton of other aspects. While you are at it, you need to combine Aer and Aqua in order to make Tempestas, the weather aspect, it is not a prerequisite for the other aspects but since you are not able to scan the weather, you will need to combine it anyway.

 Then, scan these items and blocks in order:

  1. Torch: Lux
  2. Coal, Coal Ore: Potenia
  3. Grass Block: Herba
  4. Trapdoor: Motus and Arbor
  5. Chest, Bowl: Vacuos
  6. Glass Block: Vitreus
  7. Potion of weakness: Mortuus and Praecantatio

or alternatively:

Research: (Victus + Perditio):  Mortuus

Any Shard, Mossy Cobble, Chiseled Sandst.: Praecantatio

  1. Chicken: Volatus and Bestia
  2. Soul Sand: Spiritus and Vinculum

or for those who have not been to the nether yet:

Skeleton Skull, Zombie Head: Spiritus

Amber: Vinculum

  1. Paper: Cognito
  2. Rotten Flesh: Humanus and Corpus
  3. Wheat, Bread, Apple, Carrot, Potato: Fames and Messis
  4. Flint: Instrumentum
  5. Obsidian: Tenebrae

After that, you are able to scan the rest. You are able to do it in no particular.

  • Any one block tall vanilla Flower: Sensus
  • Wool: Fabrico and Pannus
  • Spider Eye: Venenum (and also Sensus)
  • Snow, Ice: Gelum
  • Milk Bucket: Sano
  • Any Hoe: Meto
  • Any Pickaxe: Perfodio
  • Arrow: Telum
  • Leather, any Armor: Tutamen
  • Hopper, Cinnabar Ore (has also Venenum): Permutatio
  • Fence Gate: Machina and Iter
  • Iron Ingot, Iron Ore: Metallum
  • Gold: Lucrum
  • Zombie, Skellington: Exanimis
  • Ender Pearl, Blaze, Obsidian Totem: Alienis
  • Slimeball: Limus
  • Tainted Goo: Vitium (and also Limus)
  • Ethereal Essence (any Aspect): Auram

Please visit the thread by KaosK on the forum called Feed the Beast. It is an open forum. It means you will be allowed to access the information provided without having to log in to the forum. It is definitely different if you have something to ask. If you want to do it, you need to register and log in as a member.

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