How to Speedrun Minecraft 1.14

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You may often watching people to do a speedrun in Minecraft. You see that it is very fun and it will be more fun if you also can do it. However, you do not know about to speedrun Minecraft. So, here we will give you some information about doing it.

How to do speedrun Minecraft? According to Minecraft Gamepedia, there areĀ  some of the most common types of rule customization in doing speedrun Minecraft so that you will know how to do it.

  • Custom

In a custom speedrun, you will have to create a superflat world with specific layers that will be beneficial for the task like hay bales, snow blocks, beds and end portals.

  • Set seed

When you want to speedrun, you will enter a known seed before beginning the world. You are able to run one seed repeatedly trying to reduce the time.

  • Random seed

You will begin new world by using a random seed. But, it is not against the rules to begin a new world, look around for a village or other beneficial features and restart with another new, random world if necessary.

  • Glitched/ Glitchless

You have to choose whether to take advantage of glitches in the game or not. For your information, using glitches is a common thing in speedrun for other games. In Minecraft, the most beneficial glitches duplicate items or blocks and a lot of these have been eliminated in recent versions. So, we are able to conclude that using glitches are less common in newest versions.

  • Difficulty

You will choose the difficulty setting of the world. It is important for you to know that peaceful worlds do not spawn endermen and usually require you to be able to purchase eyes of ender from villagers.

So, after you read about the rules of speedrun above, now you know how to do speedrun by preparing the things above. In a speedrun, it may cover a whole game or a chosen part like completing all achievements or advancements or even killing a certain boss. Killing the ender dragon and getting into the exit portal is a common goal for Minecraft speedruns. There are also other goals such as killing both major bosses or getting some or all of the advancements or achievements. So, when yo do a speedrun, you have to be able to complete it as fast as you can.

As mentioned above that you can choose whether you can use glitch or not when speedrunning. But, a glitchless speedrun can be a fun challenge. You also need to know that getting ender pearls will always be the most time consuming part of any speedrun. So, when you are in this part, make sure that you can manage your time.

Well, you are also able to watch some videos on Youtube about people who try to do speedrun. There, you will be able to see the seed that they do, the version and other things. So, it will give you some lesson about doing speedrun.

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