How to Speak Minecraft Enchantment Table

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The enchanting language of Minecraft does have an English translation, even though the phrases used may surprise you. While the enchanting table language of this game is not actually new, as the alphabet dates back to 2001 and hails from the classic Commander Keen PC game, there is a renewed interest in understanding it.

Are you dying to understand what your Minecraft item enchantments actually say and want to directly read the Standard Galactic Alphabet used in Minecraft enchanting tables? If the answer to the question is yes, please read on.

There is, sadly, no rhyme or reason to them, you just get randomized words and phrases that do not have any meaning or correlation to the enchantment. On one hand, that is not certainly helpful for the actual process of enchanting, but on the other hand, it may result in a few truly hilarious descriptions.

It is true that a language only a handful of people understands make the enchanting language particularly suited to that other preferred pastime of the gaming community: secret codes.

As stated before, the Minecraft enchanting table language refers to the Standard Galactic Language, and originated in Commander Keen. There are a lot of tools available to convert the letters, but the words do not correlate to the enchantment you get. It is nothing but a fun Easter egg. So, while you are able to translate the enchanting language in Minecraft, it is not helpful at all.

One of the most popular Minecraft enchantment table translators is called Standard Galactic Alphabet decoder that is able to be found in Planet Calc. What is the Standard Galactic Alphabet decoder? Have you ever heard the name of this Minecraft enchantment table decoder before? Standard Galactic Alphabet decoder is the name of the online calculator that is able to decode messages written with the Standard Galactic Alphabet symbols. This one is offered by Planet Calc. it will output English text for messages typed with the Standard Galactic Alphabet.

In order to decode something using the Standard Galactic Alphabet by Planet Calc, the first thing that you have to do is to go to the official website of Planet Calc. When you are there, move your cursor to the top center of the page where the Search bar is located. You are recommended to use this bar to make the search easier. You can just type “Standard Galactic Alphabet” as the keyword and it will show up. Once you have found the result, click it and you will be taken to the Standard Galactic Alphabet decoder page. In the page of Standard Galactic Alphabet decoder, scroll down a bit and you will be able to see the decoder. In order to decode something to the English, you can just click on the SGA keyboard and the message of it will be shown at the top of the SGA keyboard. Once you have decoded it, feel free to save the message. Aside from that, you can also copy and paste the message.

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