How to Restart From Last Save Aternos

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When you create your own server on server providers, definitely you may ever forget to save the server first. Surely, this case makes you so stressful in which you have complicated to create the server, but you just forget to save it before quit. But, it is not strange anymore because many of people also have the same problem on it.

Furthermore, the problem is not only naturally caused by users’ carelessness, but unsaved server also can happen technically or something error from server providers.

When you have created a Minecraft server from certain server providers, then, you saves it. But, when you just played Minecraft while using its server, your server didn’t work and unsaved. Of course, you will be confused why it happens and in which parts are getting wrong.

Then, we guess that you will be looking for the causes of the issue, but you cannot find it.

So as with Aternos server provider in which there are many users who have created the server but it’s unsaved and not workable when used to play Minecraft. In this case, the Aternos emphasized that the error can be happen in its system and human’s carelessness too.

Due to lots of complains related to the server services, at last Aternos gives a basic rule that have to keep in mind in which every user should save keep the world saved all the time without exception.

In this case, the Aternos have tried to save the users’ world, but the system must manage for thousands of servers every day. So, it may be some of users’ data losses. Then, if the users’ world is lost for some reason and they do not download it before, automatically, that’s the users fault.

To make your more understand better, here is the reason why your world may get lost anytime:

Aternos is a dynamic system in which it is divided into two parts:

  • The hosts are saving the data.
  • The hosts are executing your game servers.

Need to know that thousands of servers in Aternos are transferred every day between two types of server. Definitely, the system behind the cloud of server will be malfunctions that cause the loss of data in its system. Besides, the hardware can be also a cause in losing your server files.

When you get this trouble, definitely you will be looking for the ways to restart the server from the last save.

Don’t worry!!!

Aternos definitely gives you the ways for it that you can get the guide from

Here are for the steps:

Firstly, you have to connect to a Google account to save backups in your Google Drive storage.

Secondly, to learn about to create and manage backups is really a must for you.

Thirdly, to backups your world, you can download your world to your computer anytime while your server is running.

Then, it is better for you to download your world before the server is stopping.

Finally, you can restore your server by downloading your world from time to time.

Note: The more you download your world, the smaller data will be lose.

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