How to Repair Anvil Minecraft

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You may have an anvil which is damaged. It can be damaged by work or fall. Then, you may wonder whether you are able to repair it. If we can repair it, will we need another anvil to be able to repair it? We will give you the answer to your questions.

If your anvil is damaged, unfortunately you are not able to repair it. The anvil will break if it is done. If you need an anvil again, then you have to make another one. As we know that making an anvil is expensive because it needs a total of 31 iron ingots including 27 for three blocks of iron. But, it seems that there is no other way to repair your damaged anvil so you have to make it.

You may not be able to repair anvil in Minecraft. But, anvil can repair items in Minecraft. There are two modes of anvil to repair items that have a durability rating. Those are included in the list below.

  • It is the same as the grindstone, you are able to repair items by combining two similar items. But, with the anvil, the target retains its enchantments and may obtain new ones from the sacrificed items.
  • You are able to use materials originally required in the crafting of the item (iron ingots for iron items with durability, diamonds for diamond items with durability) to be able to repair a single item. One material is able to repair 25% of the target’s maximum durability. However, this is an option which is significantly less economical. It is because the cost of combined materials could be put toward a new tool altogether, which can also be combined to form a full durability tool. For example, if you combine 2 diamond shovels, it costs only 2 diamonds to make both shovels. If you Fully repair one with individual diamonds, it would take 4 diamonds.

By using an anvil,  you are able to rename any item  and it is not just items with durability.

If you repair with materials, it can work for the most part,  but not with all items. Generally, repairing can work for items with their material in the default name. Let’s take an example. An anvil is able to repair an iron pickaxe with materials, iron in this case, while an anvil is not able to repair bows or shears except with other bows or shears. However, there are special cases where chain armor can be repaired with iron ingots, turtle shells can be repaired with scutes and elytra can be repaired with phantom membranes.

If you want to repair with a matching item, it will work for any item with durability including bows, shears and so on. The items have to match in type. Let’s take an example again. A golden pickaxe is not able to combine with an iron one.

It is important for you to note that in both cases, the resulting durability is limited to the maximum of the item. Also, there is no discount for over-repair.

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