How to Pick Up a Beehive Minecraft

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Do you want to have a beehive in Minecraft? If you want to have it, you are able to craft it by yourself. Then, you can pick it up and use it. Beehive is a crafted version of bee nest so it has the same function as a bee nest. It permits bees to be able to make honey, so bee mobs are able to be found near this block. It can house up to 3 bees at a time.

Bees will bring pollen from flowers to the hive. They will gradually fill it with honey in supplements of 1 to 5. Then, the hive will change texture at level 5 and you are able to collect honey. If you want to craft a beehive, you will need 6 wood planks and 3 honeycombs. For planks, you can use any wood planks, so there are no specific planks needed.

How to Craft a Beehive?

Do you know how to craft beehives? The steps below can be followed by you.

  • First, find bees. You can find them in areas with a lot of flower activity.
  • Then, make sure that the bees fill up their nest with honey so that you can harvest from it. You must harvest some flowers from around the area and then you can give them to the bees.
  • You may see the nest dripping with honey. So, it is time for you to harvest it with shears. It will be able to anger some bees. So, you have to make sure to have a flower ready or to run for it. You have to use shears. If you break the nest, it will not yield any honeycomb.
  • In this step, each of the nests should generate you three honeycomb. It is the exact amount of honeycomb that you need for making a beehive. So, in the crafting table, you will have to put 6 wood planks in the first row and third row and 3 honeycombs in the second row.

After you have a beehive, you can bring some bees with you to harvest your honey. You can do this by holding a flower and luring them to the area that you want them to occupy. You can put your beehive on the ground and then the bees will enter it if they have got some nectar to add to it. Honeycomb can be harvested with the shears to create more hives. You can also use a bottle and grab some honey out of it if it is full.

How to Pick Up The Beehive?

How to pick the beehive? You have to use a tool with the silk touch enchantment to be able to get the beehive or even bee nest block which is completed with bees. If you hit the home without silk touch, you will lose the home, the honey, and have a bunch of furious bees ending their own life to take you down. Putting a campfire under any bee nest or bee hive that you want to use will be helpful. The smoke will knock the bees into chill mode which means that they will  not leave their home again. You can use it to get all your bees back into their nest.

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