How to Make Spongebob in Minecraft

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Are you looking for the ways on how to make Spongebob in Minecraft? Definitely, to create the figure of Spongebob, you will have to a great skill at all. It is because just a few of Minecraft players can make it well.

Well, to make Spongebob, you will need some materials below:

  • Black wall
  • Brown wall
  • Light gray wall
  • White wall
  • Red wall
  • Dark blue wall
  • Light blue wall
  • Yellow wall

Here are the ways on how to make Spongebob figure in Minecraft:

Step 1: Create the leg of Spongebob

  • Start to use the black wall in a row on the floor. If you have two black wall, you can place free rows of white wall on top of your black wall
  • Once, you have your free rows of white wall, you can do a layer of a red wall.
  • Then, another layer of white wall.
  • After that, put the layer of the dark blue.
  • Then, another layer of white.
  • Next, you need to do five layers of yellow wall.
  • For this step, you totally can create the same construction of the layers as we have explained in first step.
  • You can place the next layers in front of the first layers as you have created. Furthermore. Then, you can do it just copy block for block what you have created.

Step 2: Create Spongebob’s pants

  • You can come all the way up to the top of it by using full brown wall on the top of the four blocks.
  • In this step, you can make the square shape.
  • After you finished make the square, you can trace along the top of the outside of the square shape.
  • Then, you can add some brown wall in front of the leg and the back of the leg.
  • You can make the same construction of the two sides: left and right side.
  • To make it real, you can add red wall in the center of Spongebob’s pants.

Step 3: Create the Spongebob’s T-shirt

  • To make the Spongebob’s T-shirt, you can use the red wall and white wall.
  • In this step, you can also add the light gray wall connected to white and yellow wall.

Step 4: Create the Spongebob’s face

  • Definitely, to create the Spongebob’s face, you will need many yellow wall.
  • The yellow wall will be constructed on the top of Spongebob’s T-shirt.
  • In this case, you just need to make the three rows of yellow wall.
  • Then, to make Spongebob’s mouth and teeth, you just need a single red wall and white wall in the center of the spot of the yellow wall.
  • Furthermore, to make the Spongebob’s eyes, you just need white, light blue and balck wall.

Step 4: Create Spongebob’s hands

  • To create the Spongebob’s hands, you can create them on the left and on the right side of Spongebob’s body.
  • You just put some white wall first.
  • Then, you can make the rectangular shape and take two yellow wall coming down two white blocks.
  • Continue with fourteen yellow wall coming down the white wall.
  • After that, in front of and behind of the two rows, you can add two rows and behinds row by using fifth block starting from the bottom of the yellow block.
  • Finally, you can create the same construction for one more Spongebob’s hands.

Well, for more detail, you can watch the tutorial shown on a video titled Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make Spongebob. The video was published by TSMC – Minecraft channel on April 12, 2015.

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