How to Make Sliding Doors in Minecraft

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Do you play Minecraft and want to make doors in the game? If the answer to the question is yes, you might be interested in sliding doors. Some people think sliding doors are cooler compared to the normal ones. Do you think the same?

If you want to make the sliding doors in Minecraft, here are all the materials that you need to get:

  • 6 pistons
  • 4 pressure plates
  • 2 redstone torch’s
  • 14 blocks
  • 12 redstone
  • 4 glass blocks

Once you have gathered all the materials, please follow these steps to make the sliding doors in Minecraft.

Step 1: Pistons

The first thing that you have to do is to place 3 pistons on the top of each other, then 4 blocks to the right, do the same. Do not forget to make sure to be facing inwards.

Step 2: The Hole

In step 2, you need to dig a two-block hole.

Step 3: Redstone

In step 3, you have to place a block on the side of the middle of the 3 pistons and put a redstone torch under and redstone dust on top.

Step 4: Covering Up the Hole

In this step, cover up the side and then place your pressure plates 2×2 on each side.

Step 5: Finishing It

In step 5, you need to put the glass blocks on the sticky pistons.

Step 6: Adding a Few Touches

In this stage, you are allowed to just cover up anything that you want to.

Talking about the sliding door in Minecraft, there is a thing called Modern Sliding Door 1.12. This one is a piece of furniture added in the Modern Update. It is a modern looking door. You are able to choose which side the hinge will be going to be on. If you want to have the hinge on the right side, you can just click the right side of the ground block and if you want to have the hinge on the left, you can just click the left side of the ground block. Apparently, the door is able to be either opened or closed from a short distance away using a Light Switch.

The Modern Sliding Door needs 4 white concrete blocks and 2 glass panes to be crafted. You need to place the white concrete blocks on the top left and middle and on the bottom left and middle and place the glass panes on the middle left and exact middle.

Do you want something cooler than the sliding doors? The answer is the hidden sliding doors. Some sliding doors are overly complex and built with miles of redstone running amok, but it is not important. With a bit of redstone ingenuity a hidden redstone door is able to be a thing of convenience and ease. First, place and activate the pistons. Second, connect the piston activators with redstone. Third, connect redstone to the opposite side of the hidden door. Fourth, cover up the door and place pressure plates.

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