How to Make Max Level Enchanting Table 1.14

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In general, Minecraft enchantments will be much higher the higher your experience level, so do not expect the best enchantments should you manage to craft one of these tables early on.

For those who are curious about all of the maximal enchantments you are able to get in vanilla Minecraft then the list below has a lot, plus their max ranks.

  • Aqua Affinity: It increases your mining rate while under water. Max rank 1.
  • Bane of Arthropods: It increases damage to arthropods, exclusive with Smite and Sharpness. Max rank 5.
  • Blast Protection: It reduce damage from explosions. Max rank 4.
  • Channeling: It applies to the Minecraft trident only. It channels a bolt of lightning towards an entity you have hit, only works during thunderstorms and is mutually exclusive with Riptide. Max Rank 1.
  • Curse of Binding: It prevents removal of items. Max rank 1.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Item destroyed on death. Max rank 1.
  • Depth: Strider: It moves faster underwater (mutually exclusive with Frost Walker). Max rank 3.
  • Efficiency: It mines faster. Max rank 5.
  • Feather Falling: It takes less fall damage. Max rank 4.
  • Fire Aspect: It sets the target on fire. Max rank 2.
  • Fire Protection: It takes less fire damage. Max rank 4
  • Flame: It arrows set the target on fire. Max rank 1.
  • Fortune: It gets more block drops (mutually exclusive with Silk Touch).
  • Frost Walker: It turns any water beneath you into frosted ice, which explains why this can’t be used in tandem with Depth Strider. Max rank 2.
  • Impaling: It deals more damage to ocean mobs with the trident. Max rank 5.
  • Infinity: It consumes no arrows when firing your bow (mutually exclusive with mending) Max rank 3.
  • Knockback: More knockback. Max rank 2.
  • Looting: It gets more loot from mobs. Max rank 3.
  • Loyalty: Trident returns after you throw it (mutually exclusive with Riptide). At higher ranks the trident returns faster. Max rank 3.
  • Luck of the Sea: More luck with catching fish. Max rank 3.
  • Lure: Faster fishing. Max rank 3.
  • Mending: It repairs items using experience (mutually exclusive with Infinity). Max rank 1.
  • Multishot: Fire three arrows at once, while only consuming one arrow (mutually exclusive with Piercing). Max rank 1.
  • Piercing: Arrows are able to go through two targets (mutually exclusive with Multishot). Max rank 4.
  • Power: It deals more damage with arrows. Max rank 5.
  • Projectile Protection: It takes less damage from projectiles. Max rank 4.
  • Protection: It reduces damage taken from most sources. Max rank 4.
  • Punch: Your arrows have more knockback. Max rank 2.
  • Quick Charge: Reload your crossbow faster. Max rank 3.
  • Respiration: Swim underwater for longer without needing to resurface. Max rank 3.
  • Riptide: When you throw your trident you go with it (mutually exclusive with Channeling and Loyalty). This only works in water or during rain. Max rank 3.
  • Sharpness: Deal more damage with sword and axes (mutually exclusive with Smite and Bane of Arthropods). Max rank 5.
  • Silk Touch: Mined blocks drop automatically (mutually exclusive with Fortune). Max rank 1.
  • Smite: Dish out more damage to undead mobs (mutually exclusive with Sharpness and Bane of Arthropods). Max rank 5.
  • Sweeping Edge: More damage with sweeping attacks. Max rank 3.
  • Thorns: It deals damage to attackers upon being hit. Max rank 3.
  • Unbreaking: It increases the durability of the enchanted item. Max rank 3.

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