How to Make/Build an Automatic Farm Minecraft

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This Minecraft tutorial informs how to make or build an automatic farm using an observer. Do you know what exactly an observer is? Have you ever heard the word observer in Minecraft? If you are not familiar with it, it is better for you to read the explanation about the observer first before jumping to the steps to make or build an automatic farm Minecraft.

In Minecraft, the term observer is used to call a block that emits a redstone signal when the block or fluid it faces experiences a change. This one is placed similarly to a piston. The thing observes the block that it is placed against. Keep in mind that the texture of the detecting side is that of an observing face. As observers are able to detect the state of the other observers, placing two adjacent observers, each watching the other, is able to make a fast and compact redstone clock. They will send out a pulsing redstone signal. An observer is able to be obtained by either breaking or crafting. If you want to craft it, you need to get cobblestone, redstone dust, and nether quartz.

In the game called Minecraft, you are able to build a redstone device by using an observer that automatically harvests your pumpkins as they grow. Apparently, this farm design works with any plants that grow from a vine such as pumpkins and melons.

Required materials to make or build an automatic farm using an observer:

  • 2 Hoppers
  • 1 Observer
  • 1 Water Bucket
  • 4 Redstone Dust
  • 9 Stones
  • 1 Iron Hoe
  • 2 Bone Meal
  • 1 Melon Seeds
  • 1 Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1 Piston

Tip: You are able to use either pumpkin seeds or melon seeds in this farm design.

In this automatic farm, you have created a 1 block water source and planted pumpkin seeds on a block of farmland next to the water. You used the bone meal to speed up the growth of the pumpkin seeds into a vine. You have left a dirtĀ of blocks for the pumpkin to spawn. You have placed an observer on one side of where the pumpkin will appear and a piston on the other side. The observer and piston are linked by the redstone dust.

When the pumpkin plant matures, it will form a pumpkin on the block to the right of the vine. The thing called the observer will detect the pumpkin and send a redstone pulse which will power the piston and break the pumpkin (creating a pumpkin drop). Then, the so-called pumpkin drop will either fall in the water or to get pushed behind the farm. You have placed 2 hoppers to store these pumpkin drops. One will catch the pumpkins that fall into the water and another will catch the pumpkins that are pushed behind the farm by the piston. That explains why there are 2 hoppers in the design. By reading all the steps, you just learned how to use an observer in order to make an automatic farm in the game named Minecraft.

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