How to Make Aternos Server Less Laggy

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Apparently, you come to this page to find out the information about how to make Aternos server less lag. You are luck have come to this page as here we are going to share some tips to reduce Aternos server lag. So, you have to keep staying on this page to find out the information you need.

We have some solution that you can do to make Aternos server less lag. To know those solution, you are able to look at the text below:


You have to know that PaperMC is a software that contains some enhancements over the vanilla version to improve performance. Additionally, it supports the installation of plugins. To get it, you are able to install it here: Actually, PaperMC does not solve all issues and the performance is still not outstanding, but still worth the switch. By the way, the rule that the newer version the better also applies here. They always contain the latest corrections and improvements.


During the game there are a few tricks how you are able to reduce server lags. Mobs: For example, mobs have a big impact on performance. We do not recommend to keep lots of mobs (animals or monsters). Please limit yourself to a few. Besides, loading chunks has a big impact on performance. Exploring new areas may causes large lag spikes and decreases performance massively. Loaded chunks: It is also worth reducing the number of chunks loaded, especially if you play with some players on one server. It means that if there are lots of players close to each other, it is better for performance than if there are lots of players far away from each other. We have already reduced the number of loaded chunks for 1.13 and newer servers. For this case, you are able to find more information here


Apparently, there are too many or misused plugins can cause Aternos server lags. For this case, you are able to ensure to install a reasonable amount of plugins. Besides, you do not make too many worlds. You have to know that chunk loaders also may cause lags. To identify this issue, you will be able to check your log by clicking this link: Aside from that, it is possible that a mod contains a bug which causes your server down. For this case, you have to remove that mod.


To reduce Aternos server lag, you have to ensure that your connection is stable. Based on the research, Aternos server lag may occur if your internet connection is bad or temporarily overloaded. If you want to test this, so you are able to try playing on other servers and check if there are any lags. For your information, sometime Aternos server lag occur due to the Aternos host machine is temporarily overloaded. For this case, you are able to wait or completely stop and start (not restart) your server.

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