How to Make a Super Cooker in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, you are able to make something. One of the things that you are able to make is Super Cooker. What is it? Have you seen it? If you access Tynker site, you are able to see there is an appearance of a super cooker. There is a description that it was remixed from the furnace. What is a furnace?

Furnace in Minecraft is a storage block which is used to be able to smelt blocks and items so that it will convert them into other blocks or items. You are able to find furnaces in desert, plains, and some savanna village weaponsmiths. Also, it generates in some houses in snowy tundra villages and in one of the taiga/ snowy taiga village houses.

Back to the super cooker, how to make it? If you want to make it, actually there are some videos on Youtube that you are able to watch about making a super cooker. Some videos about making a super cooker that you are able to watch are listed below.

  • ¬†A video of Drake Softpaw entitled Minecraft – Tutorial – Super Cooker which was uploaded on May 23rd, 2017. The duration of this video is 8 minutes and 58 seconds. This video has been watched more than 200 times and liked more than 15 times.
  • A video of edevegie entitled How to Make A Super Cooker in Minecraft 1.14/ 1.15 PS4, Xbox, PC which was uploaded on November 12th, 2019. This video has been watched more than 80 times and liked 10 times.

In the video of Drake Softpaw, you are able to see that you have to put some coal into the chest. Whatever you want to cook this one, it will get done in about 60 seconds. However, it is important for you to know that it will keep about 15 items.

In the video you are also able to see that the things that you need for Super Cooker are listed below.

  • 37x block of choice
  • 75x hopper
  • 15x furnace
  • 30x redstone dust
  • 02x comparators
  • 02x repeaters
  • 02x redstone torch

If you want to know more about the things that you have to do to make a super cooker in Minecraft, it is better for you to watch the video directly so that you will not miss any steps to make it.

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