How to Make a Piston in Minecraft

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When you decide to play Minecraft, of course, you cannot be separated from the name which is called crafting. However, it is a goal of Minecraft in which you must be able to create any objects that you will need to play a game. Certainly, there are tons of objects that you can craft in Minecraft.

So, what is your project now in Minecraft? Of course, everyone in Minecraft has different projects in making something. It definitely depends on what you want to do in Minecraft and what the objects that you really need to play Minecraft in your level.

Now, we are here to inform you the ways in making an object that you will need in Minecraft. The object is a piston. Do you know what the function of this object is?

In Minecraft, you will be familiar with the object named a piston. This object is a kind of block which is capable of pushing blocks, the mobs, and the players when given a redstone pulse.

Then, here are the ways that you can do to create a piston in Minecraft:

The Material to Create Piston

Before you decide to create a piston, the first thing that you have to do is to know the kinds of materials that you will need to make it. Here are they:

1 Iron Ingot 3 Dark Oak Planks
3 Oak Planks 3 Crimson Planks
3 Spruce Planks 3 Warped Planks
3 Birch Planks 1 Redstone Dust
3 Jungle Planks 4 Cobblestones
3 Acacia Planks

How to Craft a Piston in Survival Mode

After you know the materials to craft a piston, of course, it is a good time for you to make it by following some steps below!

Step 1: Go to Crafting Menu

Definitely, the first way that you have to do is to go to the crafting menu, then open the crafting table. You can find a 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 2: Put Items to Create Piston

To create a piston in Minecraft, you have to place 3 wood planks, 1 iron ingot, 4 cobblestones, and 1 redstone in a 3×3 crafting grid.

In this case, you can also use any kind of wood planks such as crimson, jungle, oak, spruce, birch, acacia, crimson, dark oak and warped planks.

The placement of the materials should be:

  • In the First Row

You have to place 3 wood planks

  • In the Second Row

You have to place 1 cobblestone, 1 iron ingot, and 1 cobblestone.

  • In the Third Row

You have to place 1 cobblestone, 1 redstone and 1 cobblestone.

Now, you are able to craft a piston after you place the materials well.

Step 3: Move the Piston to Inventory

After you crafted a piston, it is your turn to move a new item to your inventory.

That’s it! You are successfully to create a piston in Minecraft.

Well, making a piston in Minecraft is so easy, isn’t it? You surely can make it the piston that you can use to push the players, mobs and blocks in Minecraft.

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