How to Make a Fence Gate Minecraft

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In the game called Minecraft, the term fence gate refers to a block that shares the functions of both the door and the fence. Just like a door, that was first implemented in the Adventure Update (Beta 1.8) and was also implemented into Minecraft XBLA.

Fence gates enable easy access to fenced-in areas without climbing over blocks or ladders in order to earn access. They are able to only be opened by right clicking the gate and will always open away from a player. If you are wondering how to make a fence gate in the game, this page teaches you how to do it from wood.

Method 1: Building the Gate

The first thing that you have to do to build the game is to gather four wooden planks. You are able to either collect planks from villages or craft them from a single wooden log. Feel free to build a gate from any kind of wood. Then, open the crafting table. You are able to do so by right clicking (PC) or pressing L2 or Z2 (console controller) the crafting mode.

The next thing that you have to do is to craft two planks into sticks. You are able to do so by placing one plank in the second square (the one at the top center), placing another in the fifth square (right below the other plank), and dragging the stick to the inventory. After that, place the planks into the fifth and eighth squares.

The fifth one is at the center of the grid. You need to place the second one beneath it (the eighth square). Once you are done, place the sticks in the fourth, seventh, sixth, and ninth squares. Keep in mind that the planks must be surrounded by the sticks on the right and left sides. The last thing that you have to do is to drag the gate to your inventory. The game is ready to be located.

Method 2: Placing the Gate in a Fence

In order to place the game on a fence, first of all, you need to go to the part of the fence where you want to place the gate. Gates are also able to be attached to the cobblestone walls. The gate needs to have a solid block under it and they cannot be placed in the mid-air.

Then, choose the gate in your hotbar. This one is at the bottom of the screen. In the next step, right click the spot where you want to place the gate. For those who are using a console, you can just press L2 or Z2. By doing so, the gate is now placed. Aside from that, gates are also able to be attached to cobblestone walls.

Finally, right click the game in order to open or close it. You are able to do so by pressing L2 or Z2 if you are using a console system. Gates are able to be opened both inward and outward.

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