How to Keep Parrot on Shoulder Minecraft

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Parrot is known as a rare mob that can be tamed and can be found in the jungle. This one is able to imitate sounds of nearby hostile mobs and is able to perch on the shoulders of the player. It spawns in jungle biomes and is also able to be spawned using parrot spawn eggs. It

Parrots can be red, blue, green, gray, or cyan in color. The animal moves around by flying, but will always eventually land. It cannot walk, but is able to swim by flapping its wings like chickens to avoid drowning. When a hostile mob is nearby, it will look in its direction and imitate the sound of the mob though in a higher pitch. If untamed, this one will often cluster around a non-parrot mob.

If you want to keep parrots on your shoulder, you need to gather some seeds. It does not matter what kind, they can be anything such as melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds, or standard seeds. Once you have them, make sure that they are selected in your hot bar. Then, use the seeds on the parrot. In order to do so, you have to right click on the parrot if you are using a PC, you can just press L2 if you are on a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, please press LT on Xbox consoles, or press ZL on Nintendo consoles.

You will have to keep feeding the parrot to tame it. To begin, grey smoke will show up above the parrot but as you do it more hearts will start to come from the parrot. Once the hearts disappear, it will be tamed and it will sit on your shoulder. As you wander around the worlds of Minecraft your little one friend will perch on your shoulder until you tell it to stop.

A tamed parrot on the ground is able to be made to perch on your shoulder by moving through the parrot. On its own, a tamed one is also able to fly to and perch on your shoulder, unless it has been told to sit. You are able to have one parrot on each shoulder. Parrot always prefers the left shoulder of a player first, if it is empty.

A parrot can dismount you when you:

  • jump down natural terrain, that is

o   you do not land on a high-enough surface (1/2 block up or higher)

o   you drop off a ledge than ¾ of a block

  • take damage
  • submerge your feet into water or any height
  • start drowning
  • sleep on a bed
  • submerge your head in lava (parrot dismounts and burns even if you have Fire Resistance)

A parrot on a shoulder always looks in the same direction your head is looking. One on a shoulder cannot take any damage but may get hurt as soon as it dismounts, as when dismounting you submerged in lava. It sits on a shoulder and appears in the inventory interface.

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