How to Join Aternos Server

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Are you looking for the ways on how to join Aternos Server in playing Minecraft? If so, definitely you are not alone because there are many other Minecraft players that search for the ways too. However, joining to the Aternos server is a must for you. Why?

You may ever get your Minecraft server lag. Then, you will be looking for an alternative to fix it getting better. We guess that you will find it on he internet. When you are finding it on the internet, certainly, there will be many results related to the online server. But, in this case, you will be careful in order to get the trusted one.

When you are finding the online server, you probably will find the site of Aternos. If you are for the first time looking for the online server, you may be strange with this. But, for you who are veteran of Minecraft players, you may get satisfaction with this server. So, how does the Aternos work?

Aternos is well-known as a great free alternative local hosting server for Minecraft. This server definitely are very easy to use without any bugs. Furthermore, it is clean server that will allow the mods and give you any plugins inside. Then, the good news is to allow you to access any unlimited plugins and worlds.

If you are interested to try using this server, you can access it at For the first time, you will be required to register by entering your email and password. But, if you are ready having the Aternos account, you just click to log in.

How to Join Aternos Server and Connect it to Minecraft?

Then, if you are first time using this server, you may be confused how to join with it. certainly, it can be normal in which many of users are getting the same problem when using it for first time. So, here are the ways on how to join Aternos Server when playing Minecraft:

Step 1: Use your IP

The first way that you have to do is to find your IP address. Then, copy your IP address.

Step 2: Open Minecraft

After you copy the IP address, the next step, you must open the game of Minecraft. Then, select multiplayer button.

Step 3: Direct to Connect

In this step, you will be directed into the page that allow you to choose the Direct Connect button. Then, click it.

Step 4: Fill your IP

After that, you paste the IP address that you have copied on Aternos.

Step 5: Join the Server

Finally, you need to click Join Server button to connect your Minecraft with Aternos. Wait it until connecting to Minecraft.

But, how if the way didn’t work?

First, you can use the DynIP. The DynIP can be found under the IP address.

Then, copy it.

After that, open the Minecraft. Choose multiplayer.

Then, fill the DynIP to Server Address button. click Join Server.

Finally, you can connect Minecraft to Aternos easily.

Well, you already know how to join Minecraft to Aternos Server. Then, it is your turn to prove the ways whether it is workable or not. Good Luck!!!

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