How to Instantly Launch Server Aternos

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It is easy for you to launch your server. You just need to click at “Connect” button. Then, you are able to waiting in queue. You have to click the green confirmation button. Also, you will receive a desktop notification and hear a notification sound.

This is required to ensure that you are still active and really want to play on your server. Otherwise, your server may get start without anyone playing on it, which would waste resources that could be used by others. By clicking that green confirmation button, your server is marked as ready and is going to be started within the next minutes. If you forget to confirm, you are going to be kicked out of the queue. After you have passed the queue, so your server will be started.


Usually, starting your server on Aternos is just as easy as clicking the start button and let the Aternos system do the hard work of loading all the files and starting the server with the correct configuration. However, sometimes that is not enough. Also, the server refuses to start and just switches its status from starting to stopping after the Aternos system discovers the failed start. When this happens, it is most of the times a fixable problem caused by the installed software and not a problem in the Aternos system. The best source to find this issue is the log file of your server that you are able to access here:

Actually, reading a log is not easy, but learning it helps you to identify the issues with your server easier and faster. You have to note that log lines start with the time and the log level. To identify the issue with your server, you will most likely look for errors that you are able to find in lines with the Error log level. Sometimes the surrounding lines of an error give further information related the error. Therefore, reading them may can help you. If you do not understand the error message, you are able to try to check it to see if other servers had similar problems. When there are any suggestions available, so you are going to see them at the top of the page. You get automatic suggestions for errors in your log and buttons on how to get rid of those errors. Please follow those suggestions to fix the problem.

In other case, if you still have the issues starting your server on Aternos, so you are able to open a ticket by clicking this link: Please ensure to include details as many as possible and the link to your log on For your information, is a site that developed by Aternos for simple log sharing, reading and analysing. You are able to go to your log in the Aternos panel and click on the button “Share” in the top right. Then, you will get a field with the link to your log on

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