How to Get Soul Speed in Minecraft

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With the brand new Nether Update still trend, players are still unpacking all of the new goodies that have been added to the nightmarish hellscape that is one of the most amazing places in the game, The Nether. And while the thing called the Nether itself is nothing new to Minecraft, the new Soul Speed enchantment certainly is. What is Soul Speed? How do you get this one? Find out the answers below.

Soul Speed is the name of a new treasure enchantment that came in with the June 23rd release of the expansive and highly anticipated Nether Update. This one is able to be applied to boots to provide players a speed buff when walking over Soul Sand or the newly added Soul Soil, the former of which ordinarily slows players down.

Soul Speed is really useful because it’s speed. Before it was introduced, players faced a rather inconvenient debuff whenever walking over that blasted Soul Sand. Now, players are able to use boots with one of the three levels of Soul Speed enchantment to increase their speed pretty drastically when moving over Soul Sand and Soul Soil.

What makes Soul Speed an especially timely, and far from coincidental, addition is the method the new Nether Update has been implemented. While the update brings a waterfall of new features such as the array of new blocks, mobs, and biomes, all of the good stuff is only accessible in newly generated chunks of Nether.

The thing means you have to cross to the very outermost reaches of your explored Nether to start seeing the newer goodies. So, Soul Speed is more than just a movement speed buff that is great for maneuvering around the Nether without using boats and ice. This one is a subtle band aid Mojang has given to the players, alongside the Respawn Anchor released earlier this year, in order to help expedite their journey to the new Nether content.

Mojang surely had good reason to roll the update out this way, it preserves whatever you have built thus far. But, it is annoying to walk all the way to the very edge of Nether as you know it just to begin seeing the new features on offer.

So, how do you get Soul Speed in Minecraft? Because Soul Speed this one is a treasure enchantment, you cannot acquire it through an Enchantment Table, neither are able to get it from most loot chests or through trading. You have about 2% chance of getting it by trading with Piglins, who may drop either a pair of iron boots with the enchanted book. Aside from that, you could also viciously murder them on the off chance they drop a fresh pair of Golden Boots sporting Soul Speed. In addition, you also have a shot at getting the Enchanted books or a pair of Golden Boots with the enchantment from chests in Bastion Remnants, and through Fishing. Last but not least, you could always speed things up with a Piglin Farm.

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