How to Get Slimeballs in Minecraft

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Slimeballs are really useful for crafting in Minecraft. The said news is that they are quite difficult to come by if your world does not have the right biomes available to you. In this page, you will know about how to get slimeballs in Minecraft.

How do you make slimeballs? You are not able to make it in the game. There is no way to craft one in the game at the moment, you would have to use a mod to grant you this power. If you want to get it in the game, there are three different methods you can go about it.

1. Killing slimes

Slimes are rare spawn that are able to only be found in two different places. You are able to find them spawning at night in swamp biomes. It is a rare one that has shallow waters, witch huts, and creepy plants. If you go to a place like this at night then you should hopefully meet a slime spawn. There is a high chance of them spawning on nights with a full moon, so make sure to take benefit of that.

In addition, slimes are also able to spawn in Slime Chunks. It is a 16×16 section of a Minecraft map area, and is how the world is generated into manageable pieces. They are able to only spawn below layer 40, and these Slime Chunks only occur in 1/10 of all ones.

2. Sneezing baby pandas

Sneezing baby pandas is such a weird way to get slimeballs, but it is an option available to you. When a baby panda sneezes, it rarely drops a slimeball. In fact, pandas only spawn in bamboo jungle biomes, which are really hard to find. Jungle biomes themselves are able to be a bit hard to locate, and bamboo jungle is a rare off-shoot off of one of them. In this case, if you happen to have a bamboo jungle biome in your world, then you get an opportunity to find pandas and hope a baby one sneezes up a few slimes. The sad news is that to make this even more hard, baby pandas have a pretty low spawn rate, so do not expect them very frequently.

3. Wandering Trader

Another method to get slimeballs is through the Wandering Trader. This one is a random spawn that sometimes occurs in your game. You will know him by the two trader llamas he has leashed up and his blue robe. You are able to interact with him and he will have a set of five random items that he will sell you. If you are lucky enough, he will have slimeballs available for sale for three emeralds each.

For those who are trying to get slimeballs for a leash, then you are able to use the Wandering Trader for this aim as well. If you kill him, he will drop two leads that you are able to pick up. Aside from that, you are also able to separate him from his llamas and their leads should break, or you are able to just kill the llamas and they will also drop.

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