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Aspects can be described as the basisĀ for all of the resources, structures, and research of Thaumcraft. Each of them represents the flavors of magical energy (vis and essential), and the knowledge used for research. Almost every item, construct, block, and entity (including mobs) in Thaumcraft is represented by a characteristic combination of aspects.

Both mobs and objects mods might also have aspects. They can be specified by the mod, or supplied by a bridge mod connecting it to Thaumcraft. For a lot of crafted items, the mod called Thaumcraft itself is able to calculate the aspects from their recipe, even if the mod itself has not specified them.

Every aspect in Thaumcraft is identified by a Latin name, a characteristic color, and an icon. There are six Primal Aspects and 48 Compound Aspects in Thaumcraft, with few add-ons adding additional compounds. Here is the list of the Primal Aspects and Compound Aspects:

Primal Aspects:

  1. Aer (Air)
  2. Aqua (Water)
  3. Ignis (Fire)
  4. Ordo (Order, Purity, Regularity)
  5. Perdition (Entropy, Destruction, Chaos)
  6. Terra (Earth)

Compound Aspects:

Tier 1:

  1. Gelum: Ignis and Perditio
  2. Lux: Aer and Ignis
  3. Motus: Aer and Ordo
  4. Permutation: Ordo and Perditio
  5. Potential: Ignis and Ordo
  6. Tempestas: Aer and Aqua
  7. Vacuos: Aer and Perditio
  8. Venenum: Aqua and Perditio
  9. Victus: Aqua and Terra
  10. Vitreus: Ordo and Terra

Tier 2:

  1. Bestia: Motus and Victus
  2. Fames: Vacous and Victus
  3. Herba: Terra and Victus
  4. Iter: Terra and Motus
  5. Limus: Aqu and Victus
  6. Metallum: Terra and Vitreus
  7. Mortuus: Perditio and Virtus
  8. Praecantatio: Potentia and Vacous
  9. Sano: Ordo and Virtus
  10. Tenebrae: Light and Vacous
  11. Vinculum: Perditio and Motus
  12. Volatus: Aer and Motus

Tier 3:

  1. Alienis: Vacous and Tenebrae
  2. Arbor: Aer and Herba
  3. Auram: Aer and Praecantatio
  4. Corpus: Bestia and Mortuus
  5. Exanimis: Mortus and Mortuus
  6. Spiritus: Virtus and Mortuus
  7. Vitium: Perditio and Praecantatio

Tier 4:

  1. Cognition: Ignis and Spiritus
  2. Sensus: Aer and Spiritus

Tier 5:

  1. Humanus: Bestia and Cognitio

Tier 6:

  1. Instrumentum: Ordo and Humanus
  2. Lucrum: Fames and Humanus
  3. Messis: Herba and Humanus
  4. Perfodio: Terra and Humanus

Tier 7:

  1. Fabrico: Humanus and Instrumentum
  2. Machina: Motus and Instrumentum
  3. Meto: Instrumentum and Messis
  4. Pannus: Bestia and Instrumentum
  5. Telum: Ignis and Instrumentum
  6. Tutamen: Terra and Instrumentum

There might be a case when you run out of the aspect. What should have been done in this kind of situation? You start with knowledge and research points for each of the Primal Aspects. You are able to gain more research points and learn Compound Aspects, by scanning mobs, constructs, blocks, items, or nodes with the Thaumometer. The scan will reward you with the research points in the associated aspects. However, if the tool target has aspects you have not yet learned, additional restrictions apply. Keep in mind that items cannot be scanned unless you know both the component aspects of each unknown one.

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