How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft Without Getting Attacked

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You may want to get or harvest honeycomb. Usually, you will need honeycomb if you want to craft a beehive by yourself. As you know that honeycomb is one of materials that you need to craft a beehive besides wood planks. But, getting honeycomb may be able to make you get attacked by the bees. So, how to get the honeycomb without getting attacked?

If you want to harvest a honeycomb, you can harvest it with shears. But, if you get it with shears, it will anger some bees, so you have to make sure that you need to have a flower ready or to run for it. You can right click with them on the beehive and with the flower in hand you should be good to go. So, the bees will not attack you and you will be safe. Do not break the nest because if you do that, it will not yield any honeycomb. So, use shears if you want to harvest it.

If you want to get honey, you will need a glass bottle which is crafted with 3 glasses. Also, you can use a campfire since it can make the bees get out of the beehive and they will not attack you when you try to get their honey. When you want to use a campfire, you can put it under the beehive and the bees will get out and they will not attack you. If there are no bees in the beehive, you will not see them come out. If there are no bees, you are able to collect the honey.

As getting honeycomb, to get honey, you can also have a flower in your hand to make you not get sting by the bees. If you have a flower in your hand, they will leave you alone so that they will not attack you. It is important for you to know that bees are hostile when their eyes are not red so that they will not sting you anymore.

On Youtube, there is a video of Random Steve Guy entitled How To Get Honey/ Honeycomb In Minecraft 1.15 Update which was uploaded on December 12th, 2019. So, you are able to watch this video to see how to get honey and honeycomb without having to get attacked.

Well, honeycomb is an item in Minecraft which is not able to be made with a crafting table or furnace. You have to find and gather it in the game. If you want to get a honeycomb, you have to find a bee nest first in your Minecraft world. You can find a bee nest in the Flower Forest, Plains, or Sunflower Plains biomes.

As explained above that you can use shears in your hand by choosing them in the hotbar to get the honeycomb. When the bees enter the bee nest, the honey level of the bee nest will increase and if the bee is full of honey, you will see the honey dripping from the holes. So, you can use the shears now to gather the honeycombs. If you want to pick up the honeycomb, you can do that before they disappear. If you have picked up the honeycombs, they will appear in your hotbar.

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