How to Get Crazy Craft Xbox 1

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Do you want to get Crazy Craft? You may have heard about Crazy Craft from other Minecraft players and now you also want to have it. You are able to download Crazy Craft and here we are going to show you the steps to download Crazy Craft for Xbox One.

If you want to know how to get Crazy Craft, actually there are some videos on Youtube that you are able to watch about it. One of the videos that you can find and watch is a video of ElderWizardGaming. The title of the video is How to Download CrazyCraft Mod Pack on Xbox One (Tutorial) which was uploaded on August 27th, 2019. Crazy Craft is a mod pack which contains a lot of mobs and new block and weapons as well.

According to the video, some of the mods that you are able to get in the Crazy Craft pack are:

  • Vein Miner Addon
  • Better Undead Death Animations Add-on
  • Aquatic++ Add-on
  • Food! Add-on
  • More Swords Add-on
  • Useful Staffs Add-on
  • Carnage add-on (1.8.0+ / beta
  • Hybrid Slabs Add-on (1.12+)
  • Chisel for Bedrock Edition 1.12
  • How To Train Your Dragon Add-on
  • Game Polish Add-on
  • Minecraft Earth Mobs Add-on
  • ProjectPrehistoric addon
  • Wizards! Add-on
  • Vanilla+ Weapons Add-on [1.12+]
  • OreFoods Addon

You can also watch how to get Crazy Craft on a video of dakonblackrose entitled How to Download Crazy Craft On Xbox One Minecraft which was uploaded on August 25th, 2019. According to this video, the first thing to get Crazy Craft is that you have to go to the Settings on your Xbox One and go to video overlay. You have to make sure that apps which can add a border is unchecked.

After that, you need to go ahead and go to Microsoft Edge. You can go over and go to the Youtube channel of dakonblackrose and find the link to download the Crazy Craft. The link goes to Media Fire site and there you can download the Crazy Craft.

You are able to watch the video above until the end to see what next things that you have to do to get Crazy Craft on Xbox One. Once you get the resource pack and the behaviour pack for crazy craft, this does work for any add on any mod that you can get. As you are able to see the that steps to get it is easy as long as you follow the directions properly.

This modpack focuses around custom mobs, magic, quests, and construction and also automation mods. It is Minecraft re-imagined with more than 1300 new blocks, 160 custom mobs, and 70 new food and who is able to forget the weapons. There is a total of 50 new ones beyond belief.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are curious with this Crazy Craft, you can get it now and explore any features on it. If you have any questions of difficulties, you may be able to share it on a forum.

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