How to Fix Aternos Lag

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You may ever an experience in server lag when playing Minecraft. However, this issue is totally normal because almost every Minecraft player certainly get it. The server lag definitely can be caused by any factors either internally or externally. Then, the first thing that you have to do when getting the server lag is to find the causes.

In Minecraft, you may often get your server lag but you do not know why it causes. But, need to know that the server lag may be caused by any factors without you realize for it. Certainly, it can make you so difficult to recognize it. Then, you may get stress with it and almost give up to stop playing Minecraft.

Of course, if you are maniac Minecraft game, you will not give up just because of that. You probably will look for the solutions for this issue. Finding the ways in solving this issue, not only can be found on sites, but you can try finding it on some gaming forums.

Well, in this chance, we are going to share one of the solutions that you can try to solve the server lag.

Before we go on, it is so better for you to know why your server getting lag. It can be caused for multiple factors below:

  • Too many plugins, mods and worlds
  • Your internet connection getting too slow
  • Patrice
  • Temporary Aternos system overload

So, that’s why finding the causes when your sever lag is totally a must for you. By finding it, surely you can determine what problem to solve it.

After you know the causes, it is a good time for you to get the solution for it.

When you are active on some gaming forums, you may not be familiar with one of Minecraft server named Aternos.

Aternos is a great free alternative to local hosting server on your computer. This is very easy to use and clean without any bugs. This Minecraft server will allow the mods and give you a bunch of plugins to choose from. Besides, you are able to access to unlimited plugins and worlds.

Aternos can be found by accessing it at When you are for the first time use it, definitely you will be required to sign up by entering your email address and password. But, if you already have the account on this server, you just log in.

Minecraft has completely new world format to activate the new water changes since 1.13. But, it is not definitely optimized yet and just cause any performance problems with it.

Then, since Minecraft 1.14.4, Mojang recommends you to make a debug report and send the problem to them when you getting the bad performance. So, they will act fast to fix the causes. In this case, you can create the debug report with command like this: /debug report.

After that, you are able to execute the command either in-game or in the console. You can download the recommended server to report here.

So, it can conclude that if you are having problem in server lag, you definitely can use the Aternos server to make your game better.

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