How to Find Constellations Astral Sorcery

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When you come to this page, we are sure that you want to know the information about how to find Constellations Astral Sorcery. Apparently, you are at the right page as here we are going to explain the way to find Constellations Astral Sorcery. If you really want to know that information, you have to read this entire article.


Constellations are a key mechanic added by Astral Sorcery. They are used to bestow effects beneficial to the players. There are three kinds of constellations Astral Sorcery. They are bright, faint and dim. As of version 1.10.19, there are 16 constellations available now: 5 bright, 7 dim, and 4 faint. All constellations (except the faint ones) are able to be used to attune Rock Crystals, Celestial Crystals, and the Mantle of Stars as well as to enchant via the Stellar Refraction Table. Bright constellations are able to be attuned to the players by using an Attunement Altar to give them a set of perks or the Resonating Wand to give an extra effect.


To find constellations, the appropriate Constellation paper must be acquired by the player first. This is going to display the constellation’s image in the “Constellations” tab in the player’s Astral Tome. After that, they have to be discovered by looking through a Looking Glass or Telescope at night, the former is limited to only seeing bright constellations. Using the paper as a reference, the player needs to trace the constellation out on either device using the mouse. After a constellation has been discovered it is going to be displayed permanently in the night sky when it is in view and extra information is added to the “Constellations” tab in the Tome.


With the Looking Glass in hand, right-click and look into the sky, a box is going to pop up which is zoomed into the sky. What you are looking for is Constellations. You are going to know when you have found these when you see bigger stars that fade in and out in the center in the box. Some nights you are going to find Constellations and other nights you might not.


  • Bright constellations

These constellations are able to be found using a Looking Glass, Telescope, or Observatory. They are the only constellations to which the players are able to be Attuned.

  • Dim constellations

These Dim constellations require an Observatory or Telescope to find. They can only be found by Attuned players. They are able to be used for all purposes besides attuning players.

  • Faint constellations

These constellations require an Observatory to find. They can only be discovered by Attuned players. Their purpose is for augmenting other constellations’ Rituals and altering their effects.


Name Visibility Trait
Aevitas Bright Creation
Discidia Bright Offense
Vicio Bright Motion
Armara Bright Defense
Evorsio Bright Destruction
Horologium Dim Time
Lucerna Dim Light
Bootes Dim Herding
Fornax Dim Heat
Pelotrio Dim Convocation
Mineralis Dim Mineral
Octans Dim Ocean
Ulteria Faint Tenacity
Alcara Faint Resonance
Vorux Faint Ferocity
Gelu Faint Frigidity

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