How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

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In the game of Minecraft, you will also be allowed to find something as a kind of Minecraft challenge. Of course, finding an object in Minecraft is such a fun challenge. However, when you find something, you need to focus and master the guides to get it well.

Then, in Minecraft, you are also able to find the Ancient Debris. As long as you were playing Minecraft, have you ever tried to find Ancient Debris or not? If you never tried finding the Ancient Debris, absolutely it is a good time for you to find it now.

But, before you decide to find the Ancient Debris, it will be better for you to know what the Ancient Debris is. Definitely, if you are a newcomer to Minecraft, you will not know what the Ancient Debris is.

Ancient Debris is a rare ore that you can find in the Nether. Then, it is also the main source of netherite scrap. Need to know that ore means uncommon rock-type blocks which are generally used to obtain the specific resources.

How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Because of you come to this page to know how to find the Ancient Debris, absolutely we will provide the information about it as clearly as possible. Then, here are the ways to find the Ancient Debris that you can do in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: The first thing that you need to find the Ancient Debris is to have a Diamond Pickaxe. Then, if you get the Ancient Debris block by using anything less instead, absolutely it will not drop anything. It means that you must use a Diamond pickaxe to mine it.
  • Step 2: After you have a Diamond Pickaxe, you have to be careful to mine in the Nether to get the Ancient Debris. In fact, the blocks can be found at Level 8 through 22 (just in the Nether).
  • Step 3: For the Bedrock players, you need to enable the “show coordinates” option in the game settings to see what depth you are at. Then, for Java players, you are able to press F3 to toggle an interface which says where they are.
  • Step 4: The second of three numbers listed is your Y-coordinate. Well, you must aim for it to be between 8 and 22.
  • Step 5: In this way, you have to be careful in order not to fall into lava. It is because the Nether has random drops and holes inside.
  • Step 6: Along finding the Ancient Debris, you are recommended to build a staircase such as mine entrance, not a kind of entrance that causes you to drop.
  • Step 7: When you arrive at the right levels, absolutely you have to be able to find the Ancient Debris just from mining in the various directions.
  • Step 8: Like you mine in Overworld, be careful of lava and ensure that you keep the areas so you do not get lost.

Need to know that the Ancient Debris is floating and does not often show up. But, if you keep fighting to find it, of course, you will get it easily.

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