How to Find Abandoned Mines in Minecraft

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Abandoned Mineshafts are naturally generated structures and they were added in Beta 1.8 with strongholds. Also, they were added in TU5 for the Xbox 360 Edition and 0.9.0 for Pocket Edition. Now, how to be able to find abandoned mineshafts in Minecraft? Is it easy? Here, we will inform you about it.

Abandoned mineshafts are usually able to be found underground. However,  you are also able to find them in the ocean. They are produced before chunk features such as ores. They are the same as other features where they can generate near each other and intersect, producing larger complexes. Also, they are able to intersect with other cave systems. Corridors will produce a floor of wooden planks if they cross over space which is empty.

What else? they are able to generate on the surface in mesa biomes. These consist of dark oak planks and fences, rather than oak. Various wooden pieces and cave spider spawners will not generate if above ground and generated railways will be more complete above ground.

Usually, abandoned mineshafts are filled with cobwebs and a lot of cave spider spawners. Then, entrances to the spawner rooms are filled with cobwebs. So, it will be better for you to bring some shears. Abandoned mineshafts have a very good source of wood while you mine underground. There is a chance which is rare where mineshafts will generate inside of a ravine and intersect said ravine.

According to Minecraft Fandom Wiki, if you explore a mineshaft, it can be dangerous. But, it is beneficial. So, it is important for you to bring these things.

  • An iron or diamond sword that you can use to fight any hostile mobs that spawn.
  • An iron or diamond pickaxe that you can use to mine the ores one may find.
  • Some buckets of milk which can help cure poison which is caused by cave spiders.
  • Food.
  • Blocks such as cobblestone or dirt, so that pillars or bridges are able to be made.
  • Shears which can be used to collect cobwebs.
  • A water bucket in case of lava.
  • Armor that you can use to protect from fall damage or hostile mobs.
  • Torches that you can use to mark paths and prevent mobs from spawning.
  • If possible, you can bring potions to help give one the upper hand in mob combat. Preferably you are able to bring potions of strength, regeneration, or splash potions of instant health.
  • A furnace or blast furnace that you are able to use to smelt ores while mining. It is better for you to get fuel sources like coal.

If you want to quickly find an abandoned mineshaft, you are able to use the /locate command. This command allows you to find the coordinates Abandoned Mineshaft. Also, this command can be used by you to find the coordinates of the Ocean Ruin, Buried Treasure, End City, Nether Fortress, Woodland Mansion, Ocean Monument, Jungle Temple, Stronghold, Pyramid, Witch Hut, Village, Igloo or Pillager Outpost.

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