How to Find a Wizard in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, you are able to find a wizard. It is also known as Wiz or Minecraft Oz. Do you know what they are? They are Neutral Semospheric Mobs and throws potions at the player, a witch or a harmful mob. They also have their own biome.

Have you ever seen the appearance of them? Some of you may have seen them but you may not know that they are wizards. Well, Wizards in Minecraft have the same model as villagers. However, they are wearing a blue cloak with stars and a blue hat with stars. They also have a long grey-ish beard and hold a wand.

If you want to kill these tricky wizards, you need strategy. The strategy is that you are able to lure a Witch to a Wizard’s Cave or you are able to lure a Wizard to a hut of Witches. They are also able to hold good potions. So, it is best to farm some because they do not despawn.

If you want, you are able to trade with Wizards by using Rubies. Rubies are semi-rare red gems which are able to gained by smelting its ore. It is able to be crafted to Ruby Tools but using Blaze Rods instead. Wizards are the neutral villagers of the Semosphere so you are able to trade semospheric items or maybe even overworld items.

In the list below, you are able to see some other information about Wizards.

  • The health points are 8.
  • The attack strength is 2 and a half (touch) Random (potion).
  • The drops are Brain (1-3), any type of potions, or potion ingredient (0-3).
  • They spawn in a Wizard’s Cave.
  • The experience points are 15.

Now, you may wonder how to be able to find Wizard in Minecraft. As you are able to see in the list above that Wizards spawn in a Wizard’s Cave. So, you may be able to go to Wizard’s Cave to find them. And if you want to kill them and you find them out of the Wizard’s Cave, you are able to lure a Witch to a Wizard’s Cave. Or, you are able to lure a Wizard to a Witches’ Hut.

In Minecraft, there are also Witches. They are hostile mobs which are uncommon. They use harmful splash potions as ranged weapons and beneficial potions on themselves defensively. Nevertheless, they are a source of potions ingredients which are valuable.

A witch spawns in the Overworld at a light level of 7 or less. It spawns above opaque blocks of land biomes except in mushroom fields. Their health points are 26 and they are the least common within the usual monsters using a weight of 5. They have an 8.5% chance to be able to drop a potion as an equipment. They do not have to drink the potion to drop it since there is a delay between when they select to drink a potion and when they are actually shown drinking it.

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