How to Enchant a Trident With Loyalty

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There are a lot of craftable items in the game named Minecraft that you are able to create along your journey in the trident, which you are able to use to throw at your enemies. Even better, a trident is able to be enchanted with loyalty, which allows it to return to you after it is thrown. Here is everything that you have to know about Minecraft loyalty and enchanting a trident.

If you want to enchant a trident with loyalty, you need to obtain the trident first. As it is not able to be crafted and must be found within the Minecraft world, you will likely be able to find one close to the water, specifically from drowned mobs.

Then, how to enchant a trident with loyalty? Once you have got the trident in your possession, you may want to consider enchanting it. The advantage of using Minecraft loyalty on your trident is that once you throw it, it will return to you in a couple of seconds. Basically, the higher the enchantment that you put on your trident, the less time it will take to return to you. As you may expect, it will save you a lot of time when you miss a target and need to hunt down your trident.

Fortunately, you will only need an item to enchant your trident in Minecraft. It is called Lapis Lazuli. If you do not have any of the blue ore, you will need to go to spelunking and look for a blue colored stone. Once you have found some Lapis Lazuli ore, you are able to smelt it with any fuel in order to turn it into Lapis Lazuli. You will need to have three of them to enchant your trident, meaning you will need three Lapis Lazuli Ore. However, they are normally found in bunches, so if you find some, please keep digging around and you will likely find more.

Once you have gotten your trident and Lapis Lazuli, you will have to take it to an Enchantment Table. From the Enchantment menu, please place your trident and three Lapis Lazuli into the designated boxes. After you have done that, you will be able to see three weird boxes showing up, with a glowing green circle, a number, and a lot of random symbols. The numbers are the Experience Level that you will need to enchant your trident with loyalty. As you will find out, the base level is 8. If you have not made it that fat, you will have to kill more mobs to increase your Experience Level.

Enchantment Level 2 needs an Experience Level of 17 while the Enchantment Level 3 needs an Experience Level of 30. You will want to select the highest level that is available to you, because the higher level of Minecraft loyalty you place on your trident, the fastest it will return to you. Once you have selected the level you would like to use, your trident will now have a purple glow and will be enchanted with loyalty.

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