How to Create a Minehut Server

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In Minecraft, you are allowed to create your own server that you can get from any providers. As we have known that Minecraft server can be found on some server providers that you can get from internet. Certainly, there are tons of server providers available on the internet. Then, your job to find the great one is a must for you.

Of course, if you are looking for the Minecraft server from internet, you will see many results. But, the first thing that you have to recognize is to access the sites from page one. Then, there are any suggestions that allow you to access the first ranking of site from page one. The first ranking is believed as one of the trusted servers.

Unfortunately, not all first ranking sites offer you the best service. Certainly, you must still find the trusted one even if it is not at the first ranking.

Well, in this chance, we are going to give you one of recommended server providers for Minecraft that will help you to get a great services.

The site is Minehut in which you are allowed to access it and make your own server through this site. You can access the Minehut at

Of course, to get the Minehut server, you must have a Minehut server account by signing up first. To make your account, you have to enter your email address and password on available bar. After signing up, automatically, you will be ready to use your account to access the Minehut Server.

In this case, there are many users who do not know how to create a server on Minehut. The problem totally draw us to give some excellent ways for you in creating a Minehut server.

Here are the ways to create a Minehut Server that hopefully will help you to have it:

Step 1: Having your own account

The first way that you have to do is to make a Minehut account. After you access, you can click My Server at the top left. You have to register first, but if you already have an account, you just log into.

Step 2: Creating your server

The next step to create your server, you have to go to Then, enter a server name. In this case, you must have more than 4 characters but less that 10.

Step 3: Activating your server

After you create your server, it is time for you to activate if it is offline. To activate it, you can go to Then, click Active Server. Now, you can see your server Dashboard.

Step 4: Installing plugins

Click Plugins in the tabs located on the left of your main dashboard. Some of plugins are available to purchase. But, most of plugins are free to use. Click Install Plugin if you want.

step 5: Reloading your server

After you install plugin, you need to reload your server. In this step, you need to stop your server by doing “/stop” in game. Then, click Start on Home tab in control panel. Of course, it should be done due to safety.

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