How to Craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, concrete powder is a solid block which comes in the 16 regular dye colors. It obeys the law of gravity like gravel, sand, anvils and the dragon egg. Do you want to make it? If you want to make a concrete powder, you need to know the materials that you need and also the steps to make it.

As explained earlier that concrete powder comes in the 16 regular dye colors. So, you are able to decide which color that you want for your concrete powder. Here, we will show you the steps to craft a concrete powder in blue color.

Materials For Crafting A Blue Concrete Powder

  • 4 Sand
  • 4 Gravel
  • 1 Blue Dye

If you want to make it in another color, you have to change the dye of it. For example, if you want to make a cyan concrete powder, you will need 1 cyan dye not a blue dye. It is also important for you to know that in a lot of versions of Minecraft, you are able to use red sand instead of sand to craft concrete powder.

How to Craft Blue Concrete Powder

At a time, 8 blocks of blue concrete powder will be created in the crafting process. How to craft it? Follow the steps below carefully.

  • First, you need to open your crafting table in Minecraft. When you open it, you will have the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Then, in the crafting menu, you have to place 4 sand, 4 gravel and 1 blue dye if you want to make a blue concrete powder. When you make it, you need to put the materials in the exact pattern. In the first row, you have to put 1 blue dye in the first box, 1 sand in the second box and 1 sand in the third box. Then, in the second row, you have to put 1 sand in the first box, 1 sand in the second box and 1 gravel in the third box. In the third row, you have to put 3 gravels.
  • If you have filled the crafting table with the correct pattern, then you will be able to see the blue concrete powder which appears in the box to the right.
  • You have to move the new blue concrete powder to your inventory.
  • Now, you have successfully made a blue concrete powder in Minecraft.

You are able to use a block of concrete powder for decoration itself or you can change it into a concrete block of the same color when it comes into contact with water. But, you need to know that if it lands on a single block of water which is not flowing anywhere, the concrete powder will not solidify.

To obtain a concrete powder, besides crafting it, you can also obtain it from block loot. You are able to mine a concrete powder with any tool or you can do that by hand. However, if you mine it using a shovel, it will be the quickest method.

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