How to Change the World Seed on Your Minecraft Server

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Changing your world seed is useful when you want to make a world which has certain features such as more land and less water. Another use is if you want to use a seed that places you in a certain biome or near a village.


You have to know that a seed or world seed is a combination of letters and numbers used to specify how terrain is generated when making a new world in Minecraft. Since a seed is the basis for how a world is generated, using the same seed is going to generate the same terrain. You are able to use the command or seed to display your current world seed. For note: This may not work for the servers that you do not have permission to use such command.

If you come to this page to find out the information about how to change the world seed on your server, so you are at the right page as here we are going to explain the way to do that. This tutorial is going to help you learn how to change your world seed for your Minecraft server. Please keep in mind that you are going to generate a new world if you want to change the seed. It is because when you create a world, Minecraft is going to look at the seed and use this value to generate the world. For your information, there are lots of sites that provide great Minecraft Seeds.


  • At the first step, you have to navigate to the respective servers details page and then click the Config Files option on left side menu.
  • After that, you need to select the server properties file labeled “Server Settings”.
  • Now, you need to locate the level seed and type your seed into the box. Do not forget to click save.
  • Please go back to your main server page and in the “World” text box type a name for your new world.
  • Save and restart the server and the server is going to make your new world with the new seed.
  • In order for the new seed to take effect you will need to generate a new world.

For your information, world seeds are created up numerical values which are used as the basis for generating the Minecraft world. This values are used by an algorithm which is used to determine what the world will look like. In this case, if you find a particular interest in a world’s natural generation, then you are able to acquire it seed to easily reproduce the generation on your own world. In most cases these particular seeds are stumbled upon with luck or persistence. However, for those looking to quickly generate a world using a seed, so you are able to use a Minecraft seed site. Usually, the community driven websites offer the users access to thousands of seeds with cool generation effects for you to build.

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