How to Apply for Helper on Hypixel

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You may be interested in being a person who joined the Hypixel team. Indeed, being a team on Hypixel is such a great job that you may ever experience. However, many positions on Hypixel can make you feel like an important person at all.

Since you get in touch with Hypixel, you may ever find the Helper position. In fact, there are so many people who applied for this position. Why is this position much sought after by many people?

According to Hypixel Wiki, helpers are staff members which help the players on the server, give more information about and regularly report inappropriate players to their superiors. This position will be tagged with a rank in a blue color.

The helper on Hypixel can lose their permissions by abusing their abilities. Then, after losing the Helper rank, they totally will keep their highest purchased rank. In this case, the helpers can also give the custom Helper Lapis rating on Hypixel forums to the players who make forum threads. Well, this rating can only be given by the Helpers.

On the other words, Helpers (like all other staff on Hypixel) will not get any additional cosmetic perks for free. Moreover, they have the underlying donator rank of whatever donator rank they had before.

The players also cannot ignore helpers. It means that the helper will always show up in the Tab menu of player settings.

The Requirements of Being Helper on Hypixel

At least, there are some requirements that you have to recognize if you want to be a helper on Hypixel. They are:

  • You must be at 16 years old.
  • You must have access to Team Speak with a working microphone.
  • You need to have VIP rank or above on the server.
  • You must not be staff on any other server, not even your own.

In addition, there are three stages that you must follow to be a helper as follow:

  • Stage 1: Application

To be helper, you have to apply at here.

  • Stage 2: Background Checks

The Hypixel’s team will check your application whether you are reliable to be a helper or not.

  • Stage 3: Interview

This is the last stage when your application is accepted. You will be invited to an interview by the Application Team.

If you pass successfully of all stages, of course, you will be invited back to a training season.

How to Apply for Helper Position

Then, after you know all requirements of being a helper on Hypixel, it is a good time for you to apply for this job. You can follow the steps below!

Well, you already know all requirements and the ways to apply for a helper on Hypixel. It is time for you, Good Luck!!!

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