How to Appeal on Hypixel

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In Hypixel, you are able to make an appeal. You are able to make an appeal if you are sure that you were banned in error or that your punishment is too severe. You can also make an appeal if you are sure that you are muted in error or you are sure that you were falsely banned from the Hypixel forums. If so, you are able to make a forum ban appeal. You are able to appeal your ban in the Ban Appeal section on the Hypixel Forums.

How to make an appeal in Hypixel? You have to go to If you have opened the appeal form, then you are able to follow the steps below to help you to do the appeal process.

  • In the Minecraft Account section, you have to enter your in-game name or your Minecraft UUID and then click on Yes.
  • In the Punishment Details, you have to choose your punishment type. If you are banned, you must enter your Ban ID number from your ban screen in-game. And then, you have to click on Yes to appeal this ban. If you are muted, you have to link your account to continue.
  •  In the Appeal section, you have to answer the questions truthfully. These may change based on what you are banned for.You have to remember that if you lie, it will not help. If you are sure that you have evidence to prove your innocence, you are able to upload or add the evidence here.
  •  In the Submit section, you have to review the server rules of Hypixel and then you also have to answer the question. Then, you have to click on the Submit button to make your appeal thread if you have reviewed all the information for accuracy purposes.

If appeals are sent in other ways such as email, private message and any other ways, it will be directed back to the appeals section here with no further answer. The team of Hypixel can only deal with appeals for the server in the appeals section here on the forums. It is also important for you to know that in many cases, they are not able to share the  proof that they have internally for your ban, either because of the original reporter not giving permission for them to be able to share the evidence. Usually, the reason is because the reporter wants to protect their identity. Or, it can also happen because proof collected by staff shows private information which was also captured inadvertently. So, if you ask proof and then the appeals team does not give it to you, it is likely for this reason.

You may wonder whether you are able to appeal multiple times even after your first appeal was denied. Well, if your first appeal has been answered, there are no other appeals which can be made for that specific mute or ban. The system which now exists will prevent you from doing it. If you have been for a long time, you are able to make an appeal, but your appeal will most likely be denied.

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