How Many Dyes Are There in Minecraft

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In the popular game called, Minecraft, dyes are known as the items used to change a lot of things. Do you know how many dyes are there in Minecraft? If the answer to the question is not, here is the information for you.

Apparently, there are 16 dyes in Minecraft. They are divided into three: Primary, Quasi-Primary, and Secondary.


The primary dyes are created only from ingredients spawned naturally in a world.

  • Black Dye

Source: Ink Sac (crafting) and Wither Rose (crafting)

  • Blue Dye

Source: Lapis Lazuli (crafting) and Cornflower (crafting)

  • Brown Dye

Source: Cocoa Beans (crafting)

  • Green dye

Source: Cactus (crafting)

  • Red dye

Source: Poppy (crafting), Rose Bush (crafting), Red Tulip (crafting), and Beetroot (crafting)

  • White dye

Source: Bone Meal (crafting) and Lily of the Valley (crafting)

  • Yellow Dye

Source: Dandelion (crafting) and Sunflower (crafting)


Quasi-Primary dyes are able to be created from a single ingredient spawned naturally in a world or by combining the other dyes.

  • Light Blue Dye

Source: Blue Orchid (crafting)

Crafting: Blue Dye + White Dye

  • Light Gray Dye

Source: Azure Bluet (crafting), Oxeye Daisy (crafting), and White Tulip (crafting)

Crafting: White Dye + Gray Dye or 2 White dye + 1 Black Dye

  • Lime Dye

Source: Sea Pickle (smelting)

Crafting: Green Day + White Dye

  • Magenta Dye

Source: Lilac (crafting) and Allium (crafting)

Crafting: Purple Dye + Pink dye or Red Dye + Blue Dye + Pink Dye or 2 Red Dye + Blue Dye + White Dye

  • Orange Dye

Source: Orange Tulip (crafting)

Crafting: Red Dye + Yellow Dye

  • Pink Dye

Source: Peony (crafting) and Pink Tulip (crafting)

Crafting: Red Dye + White Dye


Secondary dyes are made by mixing primary dyes together.

  • Cyan Dye

Source: Green Dye + Blue Dye or Lapis Lazuli

  • Gray Dye

Source: Black Dye or Ink Sac + White Dye or Bone Meal

  • Purple Dye

Source: Red Dye + Blue Dye or Lapis Lazuli

Aside from those primary, quasi-primary, and secondary dyes, there are also some old ones. Here are those old dyes:

  • Lapiz Lazuli
  • Ink Sac
  • Cocoa Beans
  • Bone Meal

Dyes are able to be used to re-color a lot of items, blocks, and mobs, such as balloon, banners, beds, concrete powder, the collar of a tamed wolf or cat, firework star, leather armor, wool (not when placed), shulker boxes, signs, stained glass, and terracotta (converts into glazed terracotta).

A few dyes such as white dye is also a required material when crafting the other dyes. Depending on the object, dyeing is achieved by either placing the dye in a crafting table along with the other materials or by right clicking on the target while the dye is held.

Talking about crafting dyes, apparently, the dye ingredients are able to be found from a wide variety of sources. There are some procedures used in the production of dye, depending on the color. A crafting table may be needed to combine ingredients, others may be ground up without one, and some may need to be baked in a furnace first.

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