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As you probably know, swords ate a big part of Skyblock. You need enchants on these swords. Here is the full guide on how to make god books for cheaper than buying from the Auction House.


  • Critical (Diamond V)
  • Cubism (Pumpkin IV)
  • Ender Slayer (Ender Pearl III)
  • Execute (Diamond II)
  • Experience (Lapis Lazuli III)
  • First Strike (Gravel VI)
  • Giant Killer (Ghast Tear III)
  • Impaling (Prismarine Shard I)
  • Lethality (Obsidian II)
  • Life Steal (No collection, you get the recipe when you start the game!)
  • Looting (Gold Ingot III)
  • Luck (Raw Rabbit V)
  • Scavenger (Gold Ingot VI)
  • Sharpness (Gravel IV)
  • Vampirism (Ghast Tear V)

Shopping List:

  • 516 Sugar Cane (needed to make into paper)
  • 64 Pumpkins
  • 8 Gold Blocks (72 Gold Ingots)
  • 2 Golden Swords (2 Sticks, 4 Gold Ingots)
  • 16 Rabbit Hide
  • 4 Lapis Lazuli
  • 16 Enchanted Ender Pearls
  • 8 Enchanted Flint
  • 40 Prismarine Shards
  • 16 Ghast Tears
  • 4 Notch Apples (you are able to use the sweet axe from the lumber merchant or lumberjack to get apples and 32 gold blocks or 288 gold ingots)
  • 16 Enchanted Ghast Tears
  • 48 Obsidian
  • 96 Flint
  • 80 Diamonds
  • 16 Enchanted Diamonds
  • 2 Iron Swords (2 Sticks, 4 Iron Ingots)
  • Around 55 Grand Experience Bottles (330 Enchanted Lapis Lazuli and 55 Bottles from Alchemist)

Crafting Process:

The first thing that you have to do to craft your god book is to make all the books and combine each of them together with their other same enchant in an anvil (Sharpness IV + Sharpness IV = Sharpness V. then, combine 14 of the 15 books together to make 7 books with 2 enchants and 1 book with 1 enchant. The next thing that you have to do is to combine 6 2 enchant books together to make 3 books with 4 enchants, 1 book with 2 enchants and 1 book with one enchant. After that, combine 2 4 enchant books together and combine 1 4 enchant book with the book with 2 enchants to make a total of 3 books, one with 8 enchants, one with 6 and one with 1. The fifth step is to combine the book with 6 enchants with the boo with 1 enchant. Do not forget to make sure that you put the single enchant book on the left and the 6 enchant book on the right. Another thing to combine is the 7 enchant book with the 8 enchant book and you have your god book. The last thing that you have to do is to go to the Gold Mine and speak to Rusty Janitor in order to add Telekinesis to your god book for 100 coins.

If you want to know the detail about the god book enchants Hypixel SkyBlock, it is better for you to visit the forum called Hypixel. There is a guide named Ultimate God Book Guide. There are a lot of members joining so you are able to throw them questions if you have something to ask.

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