Fully Automatic Wheat Farm Minecraft 1.14

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Are you looking for the tutorial of Minecraft 1.14. automatic wheat farm? If the answer to the question is yes, you are in the right place as this page consists of the tutorial of Minecraft 1.14 full auto wheat farm by AnimusFoxx.

First of all, you can start with four plots of farm soil. Separate every plot by two blocks with half slabs around the perimeter and fences above the slabs. Apparently, the slabs give the items a place to drop down into, so that the hopper minecarts will be able to pick them up from above. The fences are able to prevent water from flowing out past the plot perimeter, and keep the villagers inside every of their own plots.

Then, add water bucket dispensers floating one block above the composters. It will prevent the villagers jumping up onto the composters, and breaking the tilled soil when they jump back down. Another thing to be added is the item distributor in the middle to distribute the collected seeds evenly among the four plots for the villagers to pick up so they are able to re-plan the farm.

All the four dispensers are facing into the plots. The lower layer of hoppers is running from the upper four, out into every respective dispenser. The top one of hoppers is arranged in a circle, with the last one facing outward so that it does not feed back into the beginning of the circle. It is said that the comparator is taking its signal from this and hopper.

Now, you need to build the rail system below the plots. There need to be two tracks, one for every half of the farm. The main reason is because a hopper minecart does not have enough storage space to collect all the items from the whole farm when it harvests. At the end of the tracks, you have to add four hoppers leading off to one side. Do not forget to leave at least this much space between the edge of the farm and the hoppers, in order to make the room for the redstone you will build next. Another thing to make sure is the end of the track that is on either the East or West edge of the farm, because otherwise the minecarts you are able to add will not orient properly.

Then, build one block up above the hopper and place the trails on top of that. One at a time, please add a hopper minecart to the rails and break the lock in order to block the drop the cart into the hole. If you build the North or South edge of the farm, it is where the minecart will not orient long ways, and they will push each other aside, rather than sit well next to each other. After that, the piston to push blocks into the minecarts and fill the hole so that you can build the rails on top. To know what should be done next, please visit imgur.com.

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