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You may want to get free Minecraft server with Crazy Craft. But, is it possible? You are able to try to know about it by asking to other people who use Minecraft server with Crazy Craft and ask them whether it is possible to get free Minecraft server with it or not. Here, we will inform you about how to setup Minecraft server with Crazy Craft.

If you want to know about Minecraft server with Crazy Craft, there are some videos that you are able to watch on Youtube including:

  • A video of Apex Hosting entitled How to Setup and Play A CrazyCraft 3.0 Server in Minecraft which was uploaded on April 22nd, 2019.
  • A video of TheAtlanticCraft entitled Minecraft | Crazy Craft Public Server – The Ultimate Modded Server! (Mod Pack Server) which was uploaded on October 19th, 2014.
  • A video of RarePixels entitled Tutorial: How To Make A Crazy Craft Server which was uploaded on November 11th, 2014.
  • A video of The Breakdown entitled How to Make A Crazy Craft 3.0 Server (Play Craft Craft 3.0 with Your Friends) which was uploaded on September 27th, 2018.

In the video of Apex Hosting, they show you how to setup and play a CrazyCraft 3.0 server in Minecraft. First, they start out on a Apex minecraft hosting home. You are able to see that Apex Minecraft hosting is pretty simple. In the top right of the home page, you will see a little panel icon and you have to click on it. After you click it, you will be brought to a multi craft panel. If are not logged in, it will not take you to this page. So, you need to log in

Now, you have to click on the head picture there and then it will bring you to the list of servers. In the video, you are able to see that he has a some different servers. Then, you have to click on Tutorial Minecraft Server and then you will be brought to another page where you have to click on Stop button there. In this step, you have to scroll down and then see the thing says ‘JAR File’. You have to click on whatever your Jar file is. In the video, he clicks on Agrarian Skies. You also have to choose the server location and then in the Additional Ports, you have to choose CrazyCraft 3.0.

After clicking on CrazyCraft 3.0, you will see a confirmation message asking ‘Load CrazyCraft 3.0?’ and you have to click on Change Version button and then click on Reset World. Do not forget to click on OK after it. In this point, the Crazy Craft is installed and then you have to click on Save button in the bottom of the page. Now, you will see different logo at the top of that page.

You can click on Start button now. It means that you start the server but now you have to download the Crazy Craft Launcher in order to play it on the server. Do you want to know the next step of it? Watch the video until it ends so that you can follow the steps entirely.

It seems that you have to pay for the server. However, you can ask other players in a forum whether there are any ways to get the server for free.

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