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When falling from excessive heights, most mobs in Minecraft will get damage. Armor itself cannot reduce fall damage. However, the enchantments Feather Falling and Protection and the status effect Slow Falling can do. So, how fall damage is calculated? Is there a fall damage calculator?

According to Minecraft Gamepedia, in Minecraft, fall damage is able to be calculated based on distance fallen rather than on velocity when hitting the ground. Then, the distance is accumulated based on a change in position each tick. It is important for you to know that rising does not reduce the accumulator. So, an entity bouncing in mid-air on the end of a lead will accumulate fatal amounts of fall distance even though it is never more than a few blocks above the ground.

For each block of fall distance after the third, fall damage is 1♥. So, if they fall 4 blocks, it will cause 1♥ damage, 2♥ damage for 5 blocks, and so forth. Let’s assume that they have full health (but no Feather Falling or relevant status effects), a 23 block fall should be fatal (23 – 3 = 20♥ × 10 of damage), but because the way fall distance is calculated, a 23.5 block fall is needed instead.

Is there a fall damage calculator? If you access some websites and forums, there are some links that claim that it is a fall damage calculator. In the Soft 112, there is a Minecraft falling damage calculator which you can use for calculating fall damage and it is written in Visual Basic 6. On the description of this tool, it is written that this calculator is a free software app from the other subcategory, part of the network and internet category. This app is now available in English and it was last updated in 2011. Well, it has been a long time. The program is able to be installed on WinVista, WinXP, Win7 x64 and Win7 x32. There is not much information about how to use this software. But, if you are curious, you can press the download button there and use the calculator.

It seems that it is hard enough to find a fall damage calculator. Even we thought that maybe the fall damage calculator does not exist. However, when we try to search it, we find Gravity Control Bukkit Plugin. What are the features of this plugin?

  • Snowball Engine

It will launch yourself using snowballs to generate lift and pull. You can find the options in the config.

  • Better Fall Damage

It will be based on angle of impact and speed of impact. You can find config options as well.

  • Magnetic Field

It will probably crash your server. But, it is kind of fun to try out. It is also based on real engineering level partical physics equations.

  • Sonic Boosters

You are able to set up sonic the hedgehog courses. It is easy to use and you are able to set the range each sign detects. Also, you are able to change your current velocity.

Well, you are able to go to Minecraft forums to ask others more information about fall damage calculator. So, good luck!

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