Faithful (Texture) Resource Pack 1.15.2

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Texture packs are a wonderful method to create Minecraft’s game world even more beautiful. The Faithful (Texture) 1.15.2 Resource Pack does this without changing Minecraft too much. Apparently, this Resource Pack comes in a resolution of 32 × 32 and embellishes the default textures with a smoother and higher resolution look. Faithful Resource Pack 1.15.2 works with the latest game version. Also, it compatible with other versions of 1.15.

Resource Pack 1.15.2 greatly enhances the appearance of your game and still retains the typical Minecraft look. All features of the new version have been revised and made available to you so that you are able to fully enjoy Faithful in your Minecraft. For your information, Faithful (Texture) works for 1.15, older versions like 1.14.4 and now also for the newest version 1.16.

According to the research, in previous versions, several Faithful Resource Packs had a bunch of problems. The new Faithful 32×32 is the most stable version without any glitches. In Minecraft 1.15, they added some features which were originally Bedrock Edition exclusives. There are some Resource Packs have been updated to 1.15. Faithful 1.15 is exclusively released for Users. Please use this Resource Pack and increase your Minecraft Gameplay experience with its beauty.

Faithful is still one of popular texture packs for Minecraft. It has been there from the start. Although Faithful 1.15.2 is available in resolutions up to 128x and 256x, but it still fits the game perfectly. The special thing regarding Faithful is that it has a higher resolution and still maintains the style of Minecraft Default. The higher resolution of Faithful creates the Minecraft game world smoother and rounder. Also, it is much easier on the eyes to play with Faithful 1.15.2 Resource Pack for extended periods of time. With Faithful 32x, the pixelated look of Minecraft is history. We get information that the new versions are already available for Faithful 1.16 Nether Update. Of course, it bring the new features for the underworld.


For those who want to install the Faithful 1.15.2 Resource Pack, but you do not know how to install it, in this article, we are going to explain the way to get it. Faithful 1.15.2 Resource Pack is perfect for shaders. It is able to keep up with other high-resolution resource packs. If you want to play Minecraft with a wide variation of mods, this Faithful 32x is an excellent option. Here is a way to install Faithful 1.15.2 Resource Pack:

  • Firstly, you have to get Faithful 32×32 Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.15.2.
  • After that, you have to launch Minecraft and click on “options”.
  • Please navigate from “options” over “Resource Packs” and click on “Open resource packs folder”.
  • Now, you are able to paste the Pack you just downloaded into this folder.
  • The last, you will need to restart the game. The Pack is going to appear in your Resource Packs list.

That’s it the way to install Faithful 1.15.2 Resource Pack.

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