Faithful Texture Pack 1.8.9 for Minecraft 32×32 / 64×64 / 128×128

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Faithful Texture Packs 1.8.9 for Minecraft is going to help you to make your game look better and at the same time improve the overall performance of the game as it increases aesthetics and overall value. Usually, this type of texture pack does not change the theme of the game, but it does make it look renewed. For your information, the default resolution of Minecraft is 16×16. These Faithful texture packs 1.8.9 are available in multiple resolutions such as 32×32 , 64×64, and 128×128.

Faithful Texture Packs for Minecraft have become one of the most popular types of texture packs that available for download in Minecraft. Those Texture packs have become the most on demand since those type of Texture packs have been discovered and made by the legendary pack maker xMrVizzy. There is one of the main reasons why this texture pack has been very popular. It is because they do not alter nor make the entire world of Minecraft look different or far off the vanilla version, but all they do is give the vanilla textures a twist while at the same time improving FPS and all in-game performance. The most popular faithful texture packs barely touch any blocks rather focus on creating the game just look better overall.

Faithful Packs are the texture packs that stay “true” and remain “faithful” to the vanilla theme of Minecraft. It means that they do not change or alter the way the original game looks. Those type of texture packs do not change the mood or setting of the default game. Therefore, it call as Faithful Packs. Of course, several Faithful packs might have altered weapons or blocks, but it does not remove the essence of how the vanilla version of Minecraft is to be played.


After you know some information regarding Faithful Texture Packs 1.8.9, now you may also want to know how to install the Faithful Texture Packs 1.8.9. If you want to know its wat, do not be worry because here we are going to share the way to install the Faithful Texture Packs 1.8.9. If you want to play Minecraft with a wide variation of mods, this Faithful Texture Packs is great option for you. Here is a way to install Faithful Texture Packs 1.8.9:

  • At the first step, you have to get Faithful Texture Packs 1.8.9 for Minecraft 32×32/64×64/128×128.
  • The second step, you have to launch Minecraft.
  • Then, you have to click on “options”.
  • You are able to navigate from “options” over “Resource Packs” and then click on “Open resource packs folder”.
  • The next step that you have to do is to paste the Pack you just downloaded into this folder.
  • The last step, you have to restart the game. Then, the Pack is going to appear in your Resource Packs list.

Well, that’s it the way to install Faithful Texture Packs 1.8.9.

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