Evoker Book Will Bring You an Authentic Datapack on Minecraft

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A user on Planet Minecraft brings you an authentic datapack. It includes two functions. The first and most important one is called the evoker book. This one allows you to use the evoker spells. The second one invokes the King Evoker, which looks like a normal evoker, but he glows and is 100 times more powerful. Keep in mind that you will need more time to kill him. The loot of him is the same like a normal one, but he could drop a diamond armor piece.

Evoker Book was published on September 5, 2020 on Planet Minecraft. For those who have never heard it before, Planet Minecraft is the name of a forum for almost everything in Minecraft with millions of users that post every single day. Apart from the data packs like Evoker Book, it involves skins, maps, mods, servers, texture packs, blogs, and informational texts on what things are or how to do stuff, or guides such as how to get a command block or how to get a barrier or how to get your head, and so on. Basically, the site is the one that keeps you informed or how to do stuff.

If you want to find the Evoker Book on Planet Minecraft, the first thing that you need to do is to go to the official website of Planet Minecraft. When you are there, searching for it using the search bar is recommended as it is easier. All that you have to do is to type “Evoker Book” as the keyword and you will be able to see the results upon pressing Enter.

Evoker Book only works in 1.15.x. You are recommended to look at the video shared by Nachitus on Youtube in order to learn all about the datapack and how to use it. The video was uploaded on September 5, 2020 and currently has 79 views.

Interesting features of Evoker Book:

  • Craftable totems
  • Spell books

In the page of the Evoker Book, there are a lot of things that you will be able to find. One of them is the blue Download Data Pack button. If you want to download the data pack, there is a blue Download Data Pack button located under the video. You can just press on that blue button and the process of downloading will be started immediately. By no time, you will get the file.

Aside from the data pack called Evoker Book, you will also need to download the required resource pack in order to install the data pack later. The file of the resource pack is available to be downloaded on the same page. There is a Required Resource Pack thing located below the Download Data Pack. If you click it, you will be able to find the blue Download Required Resource Pack button. Just like downloading the data pack, downloading the required resource pack is also easy. Please click on that button and the process will be started immediately.

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