Easy Ways to Protect Your Minecraft House

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You may be afraid that mobs will enter your house in Minecraft. Then, you think that you need protection so that your house will be safe from any danger. You are able to do some easy ways below to be able to protect your house in Minecraft.

Lighting Up The Place

You are able to light up your Minecraft house by using torches, Jack o’Lanterns, lanterns, sea lanterns or glowstone. It is because mobs will not be able to spawn when the light level is higher than 7.

Build A Wall Or Fence Around Your House

If you want to make a wall, at least it must consist of three blocks high with one block overhang. You can use cobblestone for making the wall since it is the best material for it aside from obsidian due to its high blast-resistance. If you want to make a fence, you have to make sure that it must be at least two blocks high with one block overhang. Also, put torches on the wall so that mobs do not spawn on top of it.

Sleeping Through The Night

If you skip the night, it will not make monsters spawn.

Instead of Wooden, Use Iron Doors

If you use iron doors, zombies will not be able to break them. If you live in a village, villagers also will not be able to get into your house.

Making A Trap

Building The Piston Base

If you want to build the piston base to protect your house, you can do it by following the steps below.

  • You have to dig through the entrance of your house. You can dig a 4 block long, 2 block wide hole beginning from your door. The depth of the hole can be 5 blocks. The length of the hole can be adjusted on how long you want the trap to be.
  • Next, you need to make a base for your sticky pistons in the bottom of your trap hole.
  • Put 8 sticky pistons. You can make the assembly 2 pistons wide and 4 pistons long.
  • Now, you have to place a redstone repeater behind each of the pistons.
  • Finally, make a floor for your trap on the top of the sticky piston. You can place whatever block that you want as the floor.

Placing The Lava

  • In front of your door, you are able to place lava two blocks down from the ground.
  • Do not forget to put grass on top of the lava.

Wiring The Repeaters To A Switch

  • You have to put a switch in a convenient place inside of your house, preferably by the door.
  • Then, you have to wire the redstone repeaters to the switch with redstone.
  • Now, you have to cover up the rest of the surface. You have to make sure that the only hole is the one in front of your door.

Well, from the easy ways above, you are able to try to use the simple thing such as using torches. Then, you are able to try to use the other methods to protect your lovely Minecraft house.

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