Difference between Blast Furnace and Smoker

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You may be ever confused to differentiate between the blast furnace and smoker. It basically seems to have the same functions in Minecraft, but in fact, these two items really have different functions at all. But, you are probably not alone because there are seemingly many other Minecraft players that have the same case.

Certainly, to be able to differentiate between a blast furnace and smoker, you also have to know the meaning of each item. By knowing them well, of course, we guess that you can differentiate them in an easy way.

Well, we are here to give you some facts for each item that we can show in each explanation.

  • Blast Furnace

In this case, the blast furnace is similar to a furnace. But, in its function, it is a bit different. The furnace is commonly used to smelt ores in different ways. This furnace works once faster.

Meanwhile, the blast furnace is a kind of block that can generally be used to smelt metal armor, ores and some tools. Then, this blast furnace works twice faster than furnace (or called regular furnace). This blast furnace also serves as an armorer’s job site block.

  • Smoker

In Minecraft, a smoker is a utility block which serves the players to cook food faster. In this case, the smoker is commonly used to cook food twice as fast as a regular furnace.

But, this smoker has no effect on anything other than Food items. Moreover, the smokers will emit a light level of 13 when active. It is surely similar to the normal furnaces at all.

In this case, if a Village has a smoker but has no butcher, of course, every village has a chance to be a butcher. Need to know that the smokers are not able to be pushed by Pistons.

Furthermore, the smoker can be found within certain buildings in the Village which generate after 1.14 update. Then, the smoker also can be crafted by players by using 4 logs of any type and one furnace.

The Difference between Blast Furnace and Smoker

Then, what is the difference between a blast furnace and smoker in Minecraft? After you read the meaning of each item, of course, you should be able to differentiate the blast furnace and the smoker.

Then, to make use easier to differentiate between blast furnace and smoker, here, we will show it on each point:

  • Furnace: A block that you can use in all different ways. This block is able to smelt ores as well as other blocks. Not only used to smelt ores, this furnace can be used for cooking foods. This furnace works once faster.
  • Blast Furnace: A block that you can only use to smelt ores, some tools and metal armor. This Blast Furnace works twice faster. But, this Blast Furnace cannot be used for cooking foods like Furnace above.
  • Smoker: A block that you can use just for cooking foods. Then, this works twice faster in cooking foods. But, this block cannot be used to smelt ores or other items.

Well, those are the differences between Blast Furnace and Smoker that we can inform you about.

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