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In Minecraft.cracked stones are involved as the variant of stone bricks. It is one of the sturdy and solid materials that you can use to make any great buildings and paths. Definitely, you can use this cracked stone to make temples, ocean ruins, strongholds and many more.

In this case, the cracked stone bricks can be used instead of the stone bricks in the block/item crafting. Then, a wood pickaxe is the best tool required to break the stone bricks. Furthermore, the cracked stone also can be found naturally in Strongholds.

The cracked stone bricks are blocks which were implemented in the Beta 1.8 update. It is added to the official game client as the part of the Adventure Update. It has an appearance similar to the stone bricks but it cracks throughout their surface. But, it does not affect the block-breaking speed. It means that the blocks do not have specific use in-game, it just presents as a decorative construction block.

In addition, the cracked stone bricks can be mentioned as one of the blocks which Block 97 can resemble. These cracked stone bricks can be found within Strongholds and in igloos. But, they can be made by smelting stone bricks in a Furnace. In this case, mining the cracked stone bricks is still a great way to have it.

Of course, there are many ways that you can get these cracked stone bricks. But, if you do not know the recipe to create it, absolutely you do not get anything.

Although you know some tips and tricks, ways and recipes to get the cracked stone bricks, then, if you do not apply it directly, automatically you will not get it all.

Well, we are here to share the recipe of getting the cracked stone bricks which are totally important for you.

Recipe of Making the Cracked Stone Bricks


Stone Bricks

The ways:

You can craft the cracked bricks stone in survival mode in Minecraft.

Step 1: Open the Furnace Menu

The first way that you need to do is to open the Furnace Menu.

To open the Furnace, ensure that you have a Furnace.

Step 2: Add Some Fuel to the Furnace

The second step that you can do is to add some fuel to the bottom fuel box in the furnace. In this way, we will use the coal as the fuel.

Furthermore, coal is an item which will find and gather in the game. Furthermore, you can make the coal with a crafting table as well as a furnace.

Step 3: Add the Items

The next step is to place the stone bricks in the top box of the Furnace. Then, you can see the flames cooking the stone bricks. Once, the stone bricksĀ  are smelted in the Furnace, definitely the cracked stone will appear immediately.

Step 4: Move the Cracked Stone Bricks to Your Inventory

The last step after you have made the cracked stone bricks is to move it to your inventory. However, you already have new items in your inventory.

Now, you have got the cracked stone bricks in Minecraft.

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